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Village Capital Empowering Women Entrepreneurs in Agtech Investment

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Village Capital invests in African agtech startups to drive sustainability.

description: a diverse group of entrepreneurs, including women, discussing business ideas and innovation in a modern co-working space.

Women entrepreneurs often face an arduous journey in getting funding due to deep-rooted societal and cultural biases. Village Capital, a leading global venture development organization, is working to bridge this gap by investing in agtech startups across Africa. The funding will accelerate Crop2Cash's efforts to build a more sustainable future for African agriculture, benefiting both farmers and the environment.

In a recent development, Kenyan e-health startup Benacare and Zambian fintech Mighty Finance have raised funding from Village Capital and Standard Chartered Bank. This partnership aims to support innovative solutions in the healthcare and finance sectors, driving growth and impact in these critical areas.

Village Capital has allocated USD 350,000 to Crop2Cash, an agtech initiative in Nigeria, aiming to enhance the agricultural sector's efficiency and productivity. This investment will enable Crop2Cash to scale its operations, reach more farmers, and implement sustainable practices for long-term impact.

Applications are now open for the Village Capital Dream Climate Tech Launchpad 2024, with a deadline set for April 30, 2024. This program seeks to support startups working on climate tech solutions, providing them with funding, mentorship, and resources to scale their impact and drive positive change in the fight against climate change.

This fall, DC-based startup support organization Village Capital is bringing together a group of founders working on different tech-based solutions to address pressing global challenges. Through their unique accelerator programs, Village Capital aims to empower entrepreneurs and catalyze innovation in key sectors.

Village Capital and Moody's Foundation have launched Greentech 2024: The Future of Sustainability, an investment-readiness accelerator focused on advancing sustainable solutions for a greener future. This program seeks to support startups with innovative ideas and technologies that can drive positive environmental impact.

The Village Capital Greentech investment-readiness accelerator is designed to advance innovative and sustainable solutions actively. By providing startups with the necessary resources, mentorship, and funding, Village Capital aims to empower entrepreneurs to create lasting change in the sustainability space.

Village Capital has partnered with Moody's Foundation to roll out Greentech 2024: The Future of Sustainability. This strategic collaboration aims to support startups in developing and scaling innovative solutions that address pressing environmental challenges and drive positive impact for future generations.

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