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Sterling Investment Partners Acquires Banner Industries in Strategic Move

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Sterling Investment Partners invests in Banner Industries for growth opportunities.

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PRNewswire/ -- Sterling Investment Partners ('Sterling') today announced that it has invested in Banner Industries ('Banner,' or the company), a leading provider of industrial components and services. This strategic move is aimed at capitalizing on Banner's strong market position and driving growth opportunities in the industrial sector. Sterling's investment in Banner is expected to fuel innovation and expansion initiatives, positioning the company for continued success in the market.

The acquisition of Banner Industries by Sterling Investment Partners signifies a significant milestone for both companies. With Sterling's proven track record of fostering growth and success in its portfolio companies, Banner is poised to benefit from strategic guidance and resources to accelerate its growth trajectory. This partnership is expected to create value for both companies and enhance their market competitiveness in the industrial sector.

Guardian Capital will acquire Sterling Capital Management from Truist Financial for $70 million. The Charlotte, North Carolina-based firm will join Guardian Capital. Sterling Capital Management is to be acquired by Canadian global asset manager Guardian, marking a strategic move in the financial services industry.

Sterling announced that it had closed the sale of its HeartLand portfolio company to Pritzker Private Capital. Post this, Ed Schatz, the Managing Partner of Sterling, expressed his confidence in the growth prospects of HeartLand under the new ownership. This transaction highlights Sterling's commitment to creating value for its portfolio companies and driving strategic exits for optimal returns.

Truist Financial is selling its Sterling Capital management unit for $70 million to Guardian Capital Group, a Toronto-based investment firm. This divestiture is part of Truist Financial's ongoing efforts to streamline its operations and focus on core business areas. By selling Sterling Capital Management, Truist Financial aims to optimize its portfolio and enhance shareholder value.

Truist Financial (NYSE:TFC) takes a major step in its ongoing efforts to realign and simplify operations by agreeing to divest its Sterling Capital Management unit. This strategic decision is aligned with Truist Financial's commitment to enhancing operational efficiency and focusing on core business priorities. The sale of Sterling Capital Management underscores Truist Financial's strategic realignment initiatives in the financial services industry.

Truist Financial Corp.'s pruning of business units continued Friday with the agreement to sell its Sterling Capital Management LLC business. This divestiture reflects Truist Financial's strategic direction to streamline its operations and optimize its portfolio for sustainable growth. The sale of Sterling Capital Management is expected to drive value creation for both Truist Financial and Guardian Capital Group.

A) announced today that it has reached an agreement under which Guardian's wholly-owned subsidiary Guardian Capital LLC will acquire Sterling. This acquisition marks a significant development in the financial services industry and underscores Guardian Capital's commitment to expanding its market presence. The acquisition of Sterling by Guardian Capital is expected to create synergies and drive growth opportunities for both companies.

We Are Giant says it will use the money to 'drive innovation and bolster growth.' This strategic investment by Sterling Investment Partners in Banner Industries is expected to fuel innovation, drive growth, and enhance the company's market competitiveness. With Sterling's support, Banner Industries is well-positioned to capitalize on new opportunities and drive value creation in the industrial sector.

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