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Rondo Investment Ventures into Expansion and Innovation

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Rondo Plast invests in material expansion, Rondo Energy raises $60M

description: an anonymous image of a modern industrial facility with workers operating machinery and monitoring production processes. the facility is clean and well-lit, showcasing advanced technology and innovation in manufacturing.

Rondo Plast, a subsidiary under the wing of Swedish compounder Polykemi, has unveiled plans to invest nearly €1 million in expanding its material sources and capabilities. This investment allows Polykemi and Rondo Plast to handle new material sources and ultimately help suppliers and customers with innovative solutions in the plastic industry. The expansion is expected to bring about significant growth and opportunities for the company.

In a separate development, Thermal energy storage company Rondo Energy has raised US$60 million from investors including Rio Tinto, Microsoft, and Aramco. This substantial investment will enable Rondo Energy to further develop its technology and expand its operations in the energy sector. The company aims to unlock profitable industrial decarbonization with its innovative solutions.

The City of Saint Paul has closed applications for the Downpayment Assistance and the Homeowner Rehab programs, which includes applications from Rondo Investment. This move signifies a positive outlook for the housing market in the area and highlights the importance of investment in community development. The investments from Rondo will contribute to the growth and improvement of residential properties in the city.

Detroit finds itself at a crossroads as the conversion of I-375 to a boulevard sparks new investment and development activity. This transformation is expected to attract new businesses and residents to the area, leading to economic growth and revitalization. The investment in infrastructure projects like this one is crucial for the city's continued progress and prosperity.

Greece/US: Titan Cement Group has made new venture capital investments in two US-based disruptive technology suppliers. This strategic move demonstrates Titan Cement Group's commitment to innovation and sustainability in the construction industry. The investments will enable the company to stay ahead of the curve and drive positive change in the sector.

Saudi oil giant Aramco and Microsoft have invested in a California start-up that aims to help industry slash its emissions by storing carbon. This investment reflects a growing trend towards sustainable practices and green technology in the business world. By supporting innovative solutions like carbon storage, companies like Aramco and Microsoft are paving the way for a more environmentally friendly future.

OAKLAND, Calif.--(BUSINESS WIRE)--Rondo Energy, the company unlocking profitable industrial decarbonization, today announced that it has secured funding to further expand its operations. The investment will enable Rondo Energy to scale up its production capacity and bring its cutting-edge technology to more industries. This development marks a significant step forward in the company's mission to drive decarbonization efforts.

Rondo Energy, which counts Bill Gates' Breakthrough Energy Ventures among its investors, intends to scale up annual production capacity to meet growing demand for its innovative energy storage solutions. This investment will support the company's expansion plans and help it reach new markets around the world. With the backing of prominent investors, Rondo Energy is well-positioned for success in the rapidly evolving energy industry.

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