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Unlocking Wealth: How Home Equity Investment Loans Work

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Discover the benefits and risks of investing with home equity.

description: an abstract image of a house with a shining light emanating from it, symbolizing the potential wealth that can be unlocked through home equity investment loans.

Boston-based fintech company Hometap has deployed more than $1 billion in home equity investment (HEI) products since its launch in 2017. A home equity sharing agreement can get you the cash you need—with no monthly payments or interest charges. Find out how it works. One alternative to a traditional home equity loan is a home equity investment. Bear in mind there are some very significant strings attached. Learn how to unlock value from rental properties with a home equity loan and how to access your funds for investments and property improvements. Hometap, the Boston-based financial technology company pioneering debt-free home equity financing for American homeowners, announced today.

Home equity loan proceeds can be used on anything you choose, including investing in real estate. To use a home equity loan to invest in real estate, you will need to have a good credit score, a stable income, and a low debt-to-income ratio. Your home's equity can be used for a lot more than you'd think — and that includes wealth-building. Most U.S. homeowners have accumulated a substantial amount of home equity in the past few years. But there are limited options to access this wealth. Learn how to tap your home's equity to improve your home, and the pros and cons of different financing methods.

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