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Kahoot! Earns Level III Certification as it Transforms Learning Experience

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Kahoot! is a global learning and engagement platform that revolutionizes education.

description: an anonymous image showcasing a classroom filled with engaged students participating in a kahoot! quiz-style game.

PRNewswire/ -- Kahoot!, the global learning and engagement platform company, today announced it has earned Level III certification for its commitment to transforming the learning experience. This certification recognizes Kahoot!'s dedication to providing innovative and effective educational tools for students and educators worldwide.

Kahoot! is an online learning platform where people can create, share, and play quiz-style games that transform the classroom into a game show. This interactive approach enhances student engagement and promotes active learning, making education fun and enjoyable. With over 1 billion players worldwide, Kahoot! has become a popular choice for educators looking to create an immersive learning environment.

In recent news, education software maker Kahoot! has announced its decision to go private in a $1.72 billion acquisition. This move aims to provide Kahoot! with the necessary resources and support to continue its growth and expansion. The acquisition reflects the recognition of Kahoot!'s potential and the value it brings to the education sector.

However, Oslo Børs, the stock exchange in Norway, has decided to delist the shares of Kahoot! ASA from trading on its platform. This decision follows Rule Book II section 2.11.2, which outlines the criteria for delisting. Despite this delisting, Kahoot! remains committed to its mission of transforming education and will now operate as a private entity.

Goldman Sachs, Lego, and other prominent players in the industry have made a voluntary cash offer of 17.2 billion Norwegian crowns ($1.72 billion) to acquire Kahoot!. This acquisition offer highlights the significant impact Kahoot! has made in the e-learning sector and its potential for further growth and innovation.

Antitrust approval from regulators in Austria and Germany has been granted to Goldman Sachs for its proposed acquisition of Kahoot!. This approval paves the way for the successful completion of the acquisition and further solidifies Kahoot!'s position as a leading player in the global education technology market.

As part of the deal, Kahoot! will transition into a fully private company, led by Goldman Sachs Asset Management. This all-cash deal values Kahoot! at approximately $1.7 billion, showcasing the confidence and investment potential in the company's future.

In conclusion, Kahoot! has earned Level III certification for its commitment to transforming the learning experience. With its online learning platform and quiz-style games, Kahoot! has become a popular choice among educators worldwide. The decision to go private through a $1.72 billion acquisition demonstrates the recognition of Kahoot!'s value and potential in the education sector. Despite the delisting from the Oslo Børs stock exchange, Kahoot! remains dedicated to its mission and will continue to innovate and revolutionize education.

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