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PSP Investments Reduces Stake in Independent Bank Corp in Q1 2023

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Public Sector Pension Investment Board (PSP Investments) reduces stake in Independent Bank Corp.

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Public Sector Pension Investment Board (PSP Investments) has reduced its stake in Independent Bank Corp. during the first quarter of 2023, according to recent reports. PSP Investments, a Canadian pension investment manager, made the decision to decrease its holdings in Independent Bank Corp., a financial institution, as part of its portfolio adjustments.

PSP Investments, based in Montreal, returned a net 4.4% for the fiscal year ended March 31, surpassing the -2.8% net return of the previous year. This positive performance showcases PSP Investments' ability to navigate challenging market conditions and generate returns for its investors.

In a notable development, PSP Investments announced the appointment of Deborah K. Orida as its new President and CEO, effective September 1, 2022. Orida brings extensive expertise and a global perspective to the role, which will contribute to the continued growth and success of PSP Investments.

As a Canadian pension investment manager, PSP Investments has raised its net assets under management (AUM) to $182.3 billion. This increase demonstrates the trust and confidence that investors have in PSP Investments' ability to deliver consistent returns and effective manage their pension funds.

In the Canadian financial landscape, two of the largest pension funds are exploring options for the potential sale of Cubico Sustainable Investments. The sale could result in a significant valuation for Cubico Sustainable Investments, highlighting the attractiveness of sustainable investment opportunities in the market.

PSP Investments has performed well across various asset classes, including infrastructure, credit investments, and natural resources. These investments have generated double-digit returns for PSP Investments, showcasing its ability to identify and capitalize on profitable opportunities.

The Canadian government initiated the PSP Investments program in response to the US's Inflation Reduction Act. This program aims to provide private investors with opportunities to participate in infrastructure projects and help mitigate the effects of inflation.

Despite the positive performance and strong portfolio management, PSP Investments' chief investment officer, Eduard van Gelderen, has expressed concerns about the possibility of a recession. Van Gelderen believes that the likelihood of a recession remains relatively high, signaling the need for cautious investment strategies.

Canadian public pension funds, including PSP Investments, are known for utilizing leverage and taking advantage of their credit ratings. Credit ratings company DBRS Limited has recognized the creditworthiness of these pension funds, enabling them to access favorable financing options for their investment activities.

In conclusion, PSP Investments' decision to reduce its stake in Independent Bank Corp. reflects its proactive approach to portfolio management. With a track record of deliver solid returns and a focus on diverse asset classes, PSP Investments continues to position itself as a reputable pension investment manager in Canada.

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