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Wealthfront: The Competitive Robo-Advisor for Smart Investors

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Wealthfront offers a strong tax-optimization service and low fees.

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Wealthfront is a robo-advisor that has been making waves in the investment world for its competitive management fees and strong tax-optimization services. The company was founded in 2008 and has quickly grown to become one of the top independent robo-advisors in the industry.

One of the key features that sets Wealthfront apart from other robo-advisors is its low management fee. The company charges just 0.25% per year, which is significantly lower than the industry average. This means that investors can keep more of their earnings, allowing them to grow their wealth more quickly over time.

In addition to its low fees, Wealthfront also offers one of the strongest tax-optimization services in the industry. The company uses advanced algorithms to help investors minimize their tax liabilities, which can help them save money in the long run.

Wealthfront also offers a variety of different investment options to suit the needs of different investors. The company's investment portfolios are diversified across a range of different asset classes and are designed to match investors' individual risk profiles.

One of the newest features offered by Wealthfront is its Self-Driving Money feature. This feature allows customers to take a hands-off approach to saving, allowing Wealthfront to automatically manage their cash and investments for them. This feature could potentially be more effective than traditional savings methods, as it takes into account factors such as market conditions and tax implications.

Wealthfront is not just for investors with large sums of money to invest. The company offers a range of different account options, including individual investment accounts, joint investment accounts, and retirement accounts. None of these accounts charge a monthly service fee, and many offer high APYs, branch and ATM access, mobile banking platforms, and more.

For investors who are looking to get started with Wealthfront, the company offers a referral program that can help them earn up to $5,000 managed fee-free. The company also offers automatic tax loss harvesting and rebalancing, making it easy for investors to stay on track with their investments.

Wealthfront is not alone in the robo-advisor space. Other top independent robo-advisors include Betterment and Ellevest. However, Wealthfront continues to stand out for its low fees and strong tax-optimization services.

In recent years, banks and financial firms such as Wealthfront have been raising their account yields. This is a silver lining to the Fed rate hikes that make money and savings accounts more attractive to investors. Wealthfront's cash account is a solid high-yield checking account, but investors looking for a separate savings account may need to look elsewhere.

In terms of performance, Wealthfront has been performing well relative to its benchmark. According to a recent report, Fidelity Go, Wealthfront, and Ellevest had the best showings over the one-year trailing period ended on March 31, 2021.

In conclusion, Wealthfront is a competitive robo-advisor that offers low fees, strong tax-optimization services, and a range of different investment options to suit the needs of different investors. With its Self-Driving Money feature and referral program, Wealthfront continues to be a force among robo-advisors.

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