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Coinweb buys back $CWEB from legacy team and founders

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Coinweb repurchases $CWEB from previous team in strategic move.

description: a graph showing the performance of the investment management industry over the past year.

Coinweb, a layer two cross-chain computation platform, has made a strategic move by buying back $CWEB from the legacy team and founders. This move allows Coinweb to have more control over the direction of their platform and the development of their technology. The repurchase of $CWEB also shows the commitment Coinweb has to their project and their investors.

Ken Griffin is a well-known name in the investment management world. He is in a class of his own and has headlined an up-and-down year for other hedge fund managers. Griffin is the founder and CEO of Citadel, a global investment firm with over $32 billion in assets under management. Despite a tumultuous year for the investment industry, Griffin has continued to thrive and make smart investment decisions.

John Mahon has recently joined Proskauer Rose as a partner in the investment management practice in Washington, D.C. Mahon comes with a wealth of experience in the investment management industry and will be a valuable addition to the firm. Proskauer Rose is a leading international law firm that specializes in corporate law, including investment management.

Security Bank Corp. has been tapped to manage P2.5 billion in funds from the state-run Social Security System (SSS) under a three-year mandate. This is a significant win for Security Bank Corp. and will help to solidify their position in the investment management market. The SSS is a government agency that provides social security benefits to private sector employees in the Philippines.

The United Nations Principles for Responsible Investment has released a new report on investment manager practices. The goal of the report is to highlight the importance of responsible investment practices and to encourage investment managers to adopt these practices. The report covers a range of topics, including diversity and inclusion, climate change, and corporate governance.

CTA strategies have suffered in recent years, with many funds struggling to generate returns in the current market environment. This has led to some investors pulling their money out of CTA funds and looking for alternative investments. Despite the challenges, there are still opportunities for CTA managers to generate returns and provide value to their investors.

Entrio, an AI-driven IT asset management solution for financial enterprises, has raised $7.5 million from Vintage. This is a significant investment for Entrio and will help them to expand their business and improve their technology. The investment is also an indicator of the growing demand for AI-driven solutions in the investment management industry.

Wealth managers are increasingly pledging to address diversity, equity, and inclusion in their businesses. This is a positive development for the industry, as it shows a commitment to creating a more inclusive and diverse workplace. By addressing these issues, wealth managers can improve their business practices and better serve their clients.

Women remain underrepresented in senior positions at asset management firms, according to a diversity survey by Meketa. This is a concerning trend, as diversity and inclusion are important for creating a more equitable workplace. Asset management firms need to do more to address this issue and ensure that women have equal opportunities to advance in their careers.


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