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Vanguard Breached Fiduciary Duty, Charges Letter Backed by 1400 Customers

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Vanguard faces charges of breaching fiduciary duty from a letter with support from 1400 customers, lagging the financial-services industry.


Vanguard, one of the world’s leading financial-services companies, is facing charges of breaching its fiduciary duty from a letter backed by 1400 customers. According to the letter, Vanguard lags the financial-services industry when it comes to representing the interests of clients and shareholders. The letter, addressed to Vanguard’s Board of Directors, calls on Vanguard to be more transparent when it comes to disclosing fees, conflicts of interest, and the costs of providing services.

Vanguard has long been known for its commitment to low-cost investing and its pioneering index funds. But the letter accuses Vanguard of failing to keep up with advances in the financial-services industry. According to the letter, Vanguard’s fees are “significantly higher” than those of other financial-services companies, and its clients are “not being adequately compensated” for the services they receive. The letter further claims that Vanguard’s fees are “not commensurate with the services provided.”

The letter also accuses Vanguard of engaging in behavior that is not in the best interest of its clients. The letter calls on Vanguard to disclose the costs of providing services, including the costs of research and development, as well as the costs associated with the use of third-party services. The letter also alleges that Vanguard’s lack of transparency has led to a lack of oversight and accountability.

The letter claims that Vanguard’s failure to provide adequate disclosure has led to “a lack of trust” between Vanguard and its clients. According to the letter, Vanguard has failed to provide clients with “the necessary information to make informed decisions.” The letter further claims that Vanguard has not held itself to the same standards of transparency and accountability as other financial-services companies.

The letter concludes by calling on Vanguard to “make significant changes” to its business practices. The letter calls on Vanguard to provide “greater transparency and accountability” and to “ensure that its fees are commensurate with the services provided.”

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