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Investing in Bonds: Pros and Cons

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Exploring the risks and rewards of investing in bonds.


The past month has been a tough one for bond investors. Signs that inflation is likely to linger for some time has sent the 10-year Treasury yield, which influences borrowing costs for consumers and businesses, to its highest level since the start of 2020. Investors have pulled $2.5 billion from municipal bond funds in the past three weeks, according to a report from the Investment Company Institute. This is in stark contrast to the record inflows of $1.5 trillion into the asset class in 2020. 2022 was the worst year on record for bonds. Despite a promising start, 2023 is starting to look rough, too.

Investors piled into bond exchange-traded funds as equity markets posted losses on fears of sticky inflation. Bond ETFs hold debt instruments such as Treasury bonds, corporate bonds, and municipal bonds. These are all low-risk investments designed to minimize the chance you lose money. They prioritize capital preservation. ETFs provide investors with a diversified portfolio of bonds, which can be a good way to spread risk.

By Samuel Indyk. LONDON (Reuters) - Global equities were steady on Tuesday, while bonds wrapped up their worst performance for the month of January since the financial crisis. The bear market that began last year may not be over, and that has some investors concerned about adding money to stocks right now. Fast-food franchise McDonald's (MCD 0.42%) has generated remarkable wealth for investors over the years. A $10,000 initial investment in McDonald's stock in 1965 would be worth more than $6.7 million today.

In the world of investments, perhaps none are less flashy than municipal bonds. If stocks and corporate bonds are the steak and roasted potatoes of the financial world, municipal bonds are the mashed potatoes. It’s best to think of municipal bonds as IOUs. Investors are essentially loaning money to a government or a municipality, and the government or municipality is promising to pay back the loan with interest. Municipal bonds offer tax-advantaged income, though it’s important to remember that past performance is not a guarantee of future results.

Municipal bonds are generally considered safe investments, but like any other investment, there is a risk of default. The bond issuer could default on its loan, which would mean investors would not receive their interest payments or principal back. It’s also important to remember that the bond’s value can fluctuate as interest rates change.

Investors are piling into high-quality corporate bonds this year at a record rate, reflecting their enthusiasm for an asset class that is considered less risk than stocks. Corporate bonds are essentially IOUs issued by companies. They are generally considered to be less risk than stocks, as they provide a guaranteed interest rate regardless of the company’s performance. Of course, there is still the risk of default, as with any investment.

Investors looking to add corporate bonds to their portfolio should pay close attention to the company’s credit rating. A company with a low credit rating can be more likely to default on its debt, so it’s important to invest in companies with higher ratings and lower yields. It’s also important to remember that interest rates can change and the value of the bond can fluctuate, so it’s important to monitor the bond’s performance.

In conclusion, investing in bonds is a low-risk strategy designed to minimize the chance of losing money. However, it is important to remember that there is still risk involved, as with any investment, and investors should be aware of the risk associated with the type of bond they are investing in.

A graph showing the performance of bonds over the past year, along with the 10-year Treasury Yield.

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