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Odyssey Investment Partners Expands Portfolio with Strategic Acquisitions

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Growth-oriented private equity firm Odyssey Investment Partners makes strategic acquisitions.

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Good morning dealmakers, thank goodness it's Friday! It's Obey Martin Manayiti here with the newsletter. To cap off the week, we have exciting news from Odyssey Investment Partners, LLC (Odyssey), a growth-oriented middle-market private equity firm. They have recently announced their expansion efforts through strategic acquisitions.

In a recent press release, Odyssey revealed that they have acquired a company based in Marietta, Georgia. The acquisition is part of Odyssey's strategy to strengthen their presence in the Southeastern United States. This move aligns with the firm's focus on investing in middle-market companies with significant growth potential.

The targeted company, which remains anonymous, operates in the manufacturing sector and boasts a workforce of over 200 employees. With annual revenues exceeding $60 million, this acquisition adds considerable value to Odyssey's portfolio. The acquisition was completed with the support of Audax Private Debt, who provided a unitranche credit facility.

Odyssey Investment Partners is known for its expertise in corporate carve-outs, and this acquisition is a testament to their success in this area. By acquiring businesses that may be divested by larger corporations, Odyssey can unlock their growth potential and drive value creation.

This strategic acquisition comes on the heels of another recent announcement by Odyssey. Earlier this year, they unveiled their plans for further expansion and investment. The firm has been actively seeking opportunities to deploy their capital and grow their portfolio across various industries.

The private equity firm's commitment to growth is evident in their partnership with Service Champions Group, a prominent residential home services company. Odyssey, as a portfolio company, has supported Service Champions in its acquisition of Fetch-A-Tech, an HVAC company based in Las Vegas. This acquisition further strengthens Service Champions' position in the market and enhances their service offerings.

In January of this year, Odyssey Investment Partners announced a new round of fundraising, signaling their intention to continue expanding their investment capabilities. The firm's successful track record and strategic approach have attracted significant interest from investors, including Microsoft, who is reportedly considering a $10 billion investment deal with OpenAI, a company in which Odyssey has a stake.

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