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Truist Investment Services Expands Reach with Notable Recognition

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Truist Financial's strategic moves and achievements in wealth management services.

a modern office setting with financial advisors discussing investment strategies and market trends, showcasing a professional and collaborative work environment at truist investment services.

Truist Financial intends to sell an asset-management subsidiary, marking the latest step in the superregional bank's effort to realign and enhance its investment services division. This decision comes as part of a broader strategy to streamline operations and focus on core business areas where the bank sees the most potential for growth and success.

The Mills Murphy Mitchel Group of Truist Investment Services is honored to be named to Forbes “Best-in-State Wealth Management Teams” 2024. This recognition highlights the group's dedication to providing top-tier financial advice and services to clients, solidifying their position as industry leaders in wealth management.

Joining the financial institutions division, the group of advisors and branch professionals strengthens the wealth giant's presence in the market, expanding its reach and capabilities to better serve a diverse range of clients with varying financial goals and needs. This move reflects Truist's commitment to excellence and innovation in the wealth management sector.

Truist Bank earns 3.7 out of 5 stars in our review, showcasing its strong offering of deposit accounts and financial products. While the bank's branch locations may be more limited compared to some competitors, its focus on customer service and investment solutions sets it apart in the industry.

PRNewswire/ -- Truist Financial Corporation (NYSE: TFC) has reached a definitive agreement to sell its remaining asset-management subsidiary, demonstrating the bank's proactive approach to optimizing its business portfolio and aligning with its long-term strategic objectives.

We are confident that Truist will be able to manage core expenses to remain relatively stable for the rest of the year, maintaining its position as a trusted financial partner for clients seeking reliable wealth management solutions and investment guidance.

The Horizon Group has joined Pinnacle Asset Management, enhancing the comprehensive financial planning and investment management services offered by Pinnacle. This collaboration strengthens both firms' capabilities and positions them for continued growth and success in the competitive wealth management industry.

Equitable Advisors, a New York-based hybrid RIA, has welcomed a five-person team from Truist with $326 million in client assets under management. This strategic move further solidifies Equitable Advisors' position as a leading wealth management firm, expanding its reach and expertise in serving high-net-worth clients.

Read Capital Asset Advisory Services LLC has sold 365 shares of Truist Financial Co. (NYSE: TFC), reflecting the dynamic nature of the stock market and investment landscape. This transaction underscores the ongoing interest and activity surrounding Truist's stock within the financial community.

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