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Empower Appoints Marta Norton as Chief Investment Strategist

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Marta Norton appointed as Empower's chief investment strategist role.

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The Saskatchewan Healthcare Employees' Pension Plan has appointed Dustin Antonini chief investment officer, succeeding Janet Julé, who retired after a successful tenure. Antonini brings a wealth of experience in the investment industry, having previously held senior roles at leading financial institutions. His appointment is expected to bring a new vision and strategic direction to the pension plan's investment portfolio.

Damian Williams, the United States Attorney for the Southern District of New York, announced the guilty plea of GREGOIRE TOURNANT, a former hedge fund manager charged with securities fraud. Tournant's guilty plea highlights the importance of ethical behavior and compliance in the financial industry, and serves as a warning to others who may be engaging in illegal activities.

F. Robert Reveles has served as the retirement financial investment officer of Mendocino County Employees Retirement Association for five years, overseeing the management of the pension fund's assets and investments. Reveles' leadership has been instrumental in achieving strong returns for the pension fund, ensuring the financial security of its members.

"I look forward to working with this team to grow and diversify Wilbow's portfolio of residential communities and land holdings,” said a newly appointed chief investment officer. The focus on expanding the company's real estate investments reflects a strategic approach to long-term growth and profitability.

New York University has named Michelle Knudsen as NYU's new Chief Investment Officer (CIO), working closely with the Investment Committee to oversee the university's endowment and investment strategies. Knudsen's extensive experience in financial management and investment will be instrumental in guiding NYU's investment decisions and achieving sustainable growth.

Sompo, a global provider of commercial and consumer property, casualty, and specialty re/insurance, has announced the appointment of Thomas as its new chief investment officer. Thomas brings a wealth of experience in the insurance industry and will be responsible for overseeing Sompo's investment portfolio to maximize returns and manage risk effectively.

Citigroup Global Wealth's interim chief investment officer, Steven Wieting, predicts that the global economy will return to pre-pandemic norms in the coming months. Wieting's optimistic outlook is based on positive economic indicators and the gradual recovery of key sectors, signaling a potential rebound in global markets.

Empower has appointed Marta Norton as its chief investment strategist, a newly established position that reflects the firm's commitment to enhancing its investment capabilities. Norton's expertise in strategic planning and asset allocation will be instrumental in shaping Empower's investment strategies and delivering value to clients.

Empower announced on Monday the appointment of Marta Norton as its chief investment strategist, a newly created role within the company. Norton's appointment underscores Empower's focus on innovation and growth in the competitive investment landscape, positioning the firm for long-term success and sustainability.

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