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Oliver Murray Named CEO of Brandes Investment Partners in Leadership Transition

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Brandes Investment Partners undergoes leadership change, appointing Oliver Murray as CEO.

description: the image shows a group of professionals in a modern office setting, engaged in a discussion about investment strategies and market trends. the room is filled with charts and graphs, symbolizing the dynamic nature of the investment industry.

Introduction to the Transaction Brandes Investment Partners, led by founder Charles Brandes (Trades, Portfolio), has recently increased its focus on leadership transition with the appointment of Oliver Murray as the new CEO. Murray will succeed Brent Woods, who has served as the firm's CEO since his appointment in 2015. The transition is set to take place on May 1, marking a significant change in the firm's top leadership.

A longtime fund manager shares favorite ideas for global stock investors in an exclusive TheStreet interview. The interview highlights the potential for growth and value in global stock markets, providing insights into investment strategies that could benefit investors looking to diversify their portfolios.

A singular focus on value investing over its 50-year history has positioned Brandes Investment Partners to capture opportunities across the global market. The firm's commitment to value investing has enabled it to navigate market fluctuations and identify undervalued assets with long-term growth potential.

Recent Transaction Overview On December 31, 2023, Charles Brandes (Trades, Portfolio), through Brandes Investment Partners, made a notable adjustment to the firm's investment portfolio. The transaction reflects the firm's ongoing commitment to actively manage its investments and capitalize on emerging opportunities in the market.

A Goldman Sachs Group Inc. platform for Wall Street clients riding the ETF boom has given birth to its first investment funds. The development highlights the growing popularity of ETFs among investors and the investment industry's response to this trend through innovative product offerings.

Goldman Sachs' ETF Accelerator division has filed for ETFs from three different issuers, all of whom are well-known asset managers. The move signals a strategic expansion of Goldman Sachs' ETF offerings and a commitment to providing clients with a diverse range of investment options.

Mark Costa discovered value investing as a college student when the style was decidedly out of favor. It was 1998—two years before the financial crisis of 2000-2002, which tested value investing strategies and shaped Costa's approach to investing. Costa's journey as an investor exemplifies the enduring principles of value investing and the potential for long-term success in the market.

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