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Capital Strategies Investment Group Expands Reach in Brazilian Market

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Summit Financial Holdings partners with Oracle Private for strategic growth.

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Capital Strategies Investment Group, a leading financial services firm, is making waves in the Brazilian market with a new partnership announced today. Summit Financial Holdings (“Summit”), a top firm for values-driven independent and breakaway advisors, today announced that Oracle Private, a key player in the global financial industry, will be collaborating with Capital Strategies to scale the delivery of abrdn funds in Brazil. This move is expected to provide bespoke solutions to a wider range of clients in the region.

The partnership between Summit Financial Holdings and Oracle Private marks a significant step in Capital Strategies' expansion strategy. With Oracle Private's expertise and resources, Capital Strategies aims to strengthen its presence in the Brazilian market and offer a diverse range of investment options to clients. The collaboration will also help Capital Strategies tap into new opportunities and drive growth in the region.

Apollo, a leading provider of alternative asset management and retirement solutions, has been closely watching Capital Strategies' expansion in the Brazilian market. The partnership with Oracle Private is seen as a strategic move that will enhance Capital Strategies' capabilities and broaden its reach in the region. Apollo believes that this collaboration will benefit both parties and create new opportunities for growth and innovation.

Blackstone, one of the largest credit asset managers in the world, is also paying close attention to Capital Strategies' latest partnership. With a focus on providing investors with attractive risk-adjusted returns and borrowers with tailored solutions, Blackstone sees the collaboration with Oracle Private as a smart move by Capital Strategies. The partnership is expected to drive value for clients and strengthen Capital Strategies' position in the Brazilian market.

In today's competitive financial landscape, smart capital allocation is key to success. Investors are increasingly focused on companies that demonstrate efficient use of capital and strategic growth initiatives. Capital Strategies' partnership with Oracle Private is seen as a positive development that aligns with investors' expectations for value-driven investment strategies.

Apple, BTG Pactual Timberland Investment Group, Goldman Sachs, Mirova, and other leading financial institutions are also taking note of Capital Strategies' expansion in the Brazilian market. The collaboration with Oracle Private is seen as a landmark move that will enhance Capital Strategies' offerings and create new opportunities for growth. The partnership is expected to benefit clients and drive innovation in the financial services industry.

Significant debt reduction and new equity investment are key drivers of LEARFIELD's continued success as a longstanding partner in the financial services industry. The company's ability to adapt to changing market dynamics and forge strategic partnerships, such as the one with Capital Strategies, has enabled LEARFIELD to thrive in a competitive environment.

Arrowside Capital, LLC, a prominent financial services firm, is also making strategic moves to expand its equity strategies and attract new investors. The company's partnership with Sustainable Leaders is aimed at fostering sustainable investment practices and driving long-term value for clients. Arrowside Capital's collaboration with Sustainable Leaders aligns with its commitment to responsible investing and ethical business practices.

Capital Strategies Partners has recently appointed Tom Cartwright to its sales and client services team for the UK and Ireland. This strategic hire is expected to strengthen Capital Strategies' presence in key markets and enhance its client service capabilities. Tom Cartwright brings a wealth of experience and expertise to the role, making him a valuable addition to the Capital Strategies team.

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