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Village Capital & Investment: Empowering Women Entrepreneurs in Africa

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Village Capital and Standard Chartered Bank fund African startups.

description: an african woman entrepreneur presenting her start-up idea to a group of investors at a village capital event, showcasing diversity and innovation in the business world.

This story is part of Closing the Gap, a guest-contributed column that boldly explores what's needed to achieve gender equity in education, business, and beyond.

Working with Village Capital, two researchers found that, when investors use consistent, similar assessments of founders, women fare a lot better in terms of funding. This highlights the importance of standardized evaluation criteria in promoting gender equality in entrepreneurship.

Kenyan e-health startup Benacare and Zambian fintech Mighty Finance have raised funding from Village Capital and Standard Chartered Bank, showcasing the impact of strategic investments in African startups.

Planet Home Lending LLC said Thursday that it bought servicing rights to a $10 billion home loan portfolio from Village Capital & Investment, demonstrating the company's growth and expansion in the mortgage industry.

Meriden, Connecticut-based Planet Home Lending LLC has announced a $10 billion Mortgage Servicing Rights (MSRs) bulk acquisition from Village Capital & Investment, solidifying its position as a major player in the mortgage servicing sector.

Connecticut-based lender and servicer Planet Home Lending announced on Thursday a deal that boosts its servicing portfolio, further establishing its presence in the housing finance market.

Planet Home Lending LLC said Thursday it has added $10 billion in mortgage servicing rights (MSRs) in a bulk acquisition from Village Capital & Investment, signaling its commitment to growth and diversification in the financial services industry.

This fall, DC-based startup support organization Village Capital is bringing together a group of founders working on different tech-based ventures in Africa, fostering collaboration and innovation in the region.

Standard Chartered and Village Capital collaborate to invest in women-led start-ups, highlighting the importance of gender diversity in the entrepreneurial ecosystem. DXwand, an Egyptian AI firm, recently secured $4 million in Series A funding for its growth and expansion efforts.

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