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Cetera Investment Services Expands Its Reach with Strategic Partnerships

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Cetera Financial Group strengthens its position in the wealth management industry.

description: an anonymous image showing a diverse group of financial advisors discussing investment strategies and working together to provide exceptional services to their clients.

PRNewswire/ -- Cetera Financial Group, the premier financial advisor Wealth Hub, announced today that it has completed a strategic partnership, further expanding its reach in the wealth management space. This move will enhance Cetera's capabilities and provide more comprehensive services to its clients.

Practice group led by Anthony Rosso joins Allied Wealth Partners, part of Cetera Wealth Management Group, from Newbridge Securities. This team of experienced professionals brings their expertise to Cetera, bolstering its advisory capabilities and strengthening its position in the market.

Raymond James recruited a team of Cetera Investment Services-affiliated advisors managing about $3 billion in business and individual client accounts. This strategic move will help Raymond James expand its wealth management offerings and provide better financial solutions to its clients.

InvestmentNews reported last week that bonuses were likely to be a topic at a webinar Cetera senior management held last Thursday with the advisors. This indicates that Cetera is committed to supporting its advisors and ensuring their success in delivering exceptional financial services to their clients.

Cetera Financial Group has finalized a strategic minority investment in Wilde Wealth Management, an independent wealth management firm. This partnership will allow both companies to leverage their strengths and provide enhanced services to their respective clients.

Experienced advisor with more than $71 million AUA for clients moves to Cetera Investors from MML Investor Services. This move highlights the attractiveness of Cetera's platform and its ability to attract top talent in the industry.

The advisors come from MML Investors Services and Capstone Financial. This indicates that Cetera is attracting advisors from various firms, showcasing its reputation and appeal in the industry.

PRNewswire/ -- Cetera Financial Group (Cetera), the premier financial advisor Wealth Hub, announced today that Bill Schumann, CFP®, has joined Cetera as Senior Vice President of Wealth Management. This addition further strengthens Cetera's leadership team and its ability to provide top-notch financial services.

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