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Murry Gunty's Black Bear Sports Group Expands Ice Arena Management

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Black Bear Sports Group, led by Murry Gunty, acquires more ice arenas.

description: a group of hockey players practicing on the ice in an arena.

Black Bear Sports Group, a national expert in ice arena management, has recently announced their affiliation with Hazel Park Viking Ice Area in Hazel Park, MI. This move comes as Black Bear continues to expand its portfolio of ice arena management across the country (Black Bear, July 2, 2023). Led by Murry Gunty, Black Bear Sports Group has become a prominent player in the industry.

After a successful season that saw the Youngstown Phantoms win their first Clark Cup, they have now achieved another franchise-first. The United States Hockey League (USHL) has named Youngstown as the official practice and training facility for the league (Black Bear, July 2, 2023). This partnership solidifies the Phantoms' commitment to developing young talent and elevating the sport in the area.

Murry Gunty, the co-owner of the Youngstown Phantoms, is known for his ambition to take hockey in Youngstown to new heights. Gunty's leadership and dedication have played a crucial role in the team's success and the growth of hockey in the region. With the USHL endorsement, Gunty's vision is becoming a reality (Black Bear, July 2, 2023).

In addition to the Hazel Park Viking Ice Area and the Youngstown partnership, Black Bear Sports Group has made several other acquisitions in the ice arena management sector. They recently acquired the Grundy Ice Arena in Bristol, further expanding their presence in Pennsylvania (BRISTOL, Pa., BUSINESS WIRE). The purchase of the Patriot Ice Center in Newark, owned by the Maryland-based Black Bear Sports Group, strengthens their foothold in the ice arena market (Black Bear, July 2, 2023).

Another notable development in the ice arena management realm is the reopening of Piney Orchard Ice Arena's parking lot to parents of hockey players. This decision came after a petition from parents who were concerned about the new parking regulations. The arena's management, under Black Bear Sports Group, listened to the concerns and reversed the policy (Black Bear, July 2, 2023).

Blackstreet Capital Management, LLC, led by Murry N. Gunty, has been in the news before. In 2016, the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) announced a settlement with Blackstreet Capital Management, LLC and Murry N. Gunty regarding undisclosed fees. This settlement highlighted the importance of transparency in the financial industry (SEC, June 1, 2016).

It is worth noting that Blackstreet Capital Management, LLC is not to be confused with Black Bear Sports Group, although both are led by Murry Gunty. Black Bear Sports Group focuses on ice arena management, while Blackstreet Capital Management, LLC is an investment firm.

In conclusion, Murry Gunty's Black Bear Sports Group continues to make waves in the ice arena management industry. With the recent acquisition of the Hazel Park Viking Ice Area and partnerships with the USHL and other arenas, Black Bear is solidifying its position as a leader in the field. Gunty's dedication to hockey and his vision for the sport's growth are evident in these developments.

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