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Nationwide and Fidelity Investments Launch New Product for Stability in Volatile Markets

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Nationwide and Fidelity Investments® team up to offer new product for stability.

an image of a couple sitting at a table with a financial advisor, discussing retirement planning and investment options.

Retirement planning is a complex process that requires careful consideration and planning. With volatile markets and economic uncertainty, it can be challenging to find investments that provide stability and security. Nationwide and Fidelity Investments® are teaming up to offer a new product that aims to address these concerns.

The new product, called Nationwide Income for Life Select, offers investors the opportunity to invest in a fixed index annuity that provides guaranteed income for life. The product is designed to protect investors from market volatility while also providing the potential for growth.

According to a 2022 Nationwide Retirement Institute® survey, seven in 10 plan sponsors are interested in guaranteed lifetime income options for their employees. This new product from Nationwide and Fidelity Investments® aims to meet that demand by providing a solution that offers stability and security for retirement planning.

Nationwide has seen increased interest in their suite of in-plan guarantee solutions, which includes fixed index annuities like Nationwide Income for Life Select. The company has made several enhancements to these product to make them more attractive to investors.

Kenny Wolfe, a financial advisor, has seen an uptick in interest from hedge fund managers and private family offices in these types of product. He believes that the current economic climate has made investors more cautious and interested in guaranteed income product.

British lender Nationwide recently reported a 40% jump in full-year profit, thanks in part to a long run of Bank of England interest rate hikes that have lifted its margins. The company's strong financial performance is a testament to its commitment to providing reliable and stable investments for its customers.

Kevin Jestice has been named the new leader of Nationwide's Investment Management Group (IMG). Jestice has been with the company for two years and brings a wealth of experience to his new role. He will be responsible for overseeing the management of Nationwide's investment portfolios and ensuring that they continue to provide stable and reliable returns for investors.

Retirement planning can be a daunting process, but there are strategies that investors can use to help ensure they meet their income needs under a variety of conditions. Three retirement strategies that can provide stability and security include diversification, income planning, and long-term care planning.

Nationwide offers two retirement plans that have been recognized for their participant education efforts. The Nationwide Retirement Institute® and the Nationwide Retirement Institute at work both provide resources and tools to help investors plan for retirement and make informed decisions about their investments.

Overall, the new product from Nationwide and Fidelity Investments® offers investors a valuable solution for retirement planning. With guaranteed income for life and protection from market volatility, it provides peace of mind and stability in an uncertain economic climate.

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