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Atomic Invest CEO David Dindi Discusses Direct Indexing and API-Driven Solutions for Wealth-Building

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Atomic Invest CEO David Dindi discusses the rise of direct indexing and the importance of API-driven solutions for accessible wealth-building.

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Atomic Invest CEO David Dindi recently sat down with Bloomberg's Matt Miller to discuss the current state of the financial industry and the opportunities presented by direct indexing and API-driven solutions. As fintechs and asset managers move towards supporting direct indexing as an alternative to exchange traded funds (ETFs), Atomic Invest is leading the charge with its innovative community-centric investment platform, Follow.

Follow is the first investment platform to join selected finance-focused influencers called "Leaders" and individual investors in a community-driven approach to investing. The platform offers investors the ability to invest the same way as influential fintechs and asset managers, including Austin Hankwitz, WOLF Financial, Breyanna Nava, and Patrick Meng. By following these leaders, investors can gain access to their investment strategies and insights, as well as build a diversified portfolio tailored to their risk tolerance and financial goals.

Direct indexing is another major trend in the financial industry, offering investors the ability to own individual stocks and bypass the traditional ETF structure. With direct indexing, investors can customize their portfolios to align with their personal values and investment goals, as well as potentially generate higher returns with lower fees. Atomic Invest is at the forefront of this trend, offering its clients direct indexing capabilities through its platform.

In addition to its community-driven approach and direct indexing capabilities, Atomic Invest is also focused on API-driven solutions to make wealth-building more accessible to millennials and other tech-savvy investors. By leveraging APIs, Atomic Invest is able to offer a seamless and intuitive user experience, as well as personalized investment recommendations based on each investor's financial goals and risk tolerance.

While the financial industry is rapidly evolving, Atomic Invest remains focused on its mission to democratize access to wealth-building opportunities. By offering innovative solutions like Follow and direct indexing, as well as leveraging APIs to make investing more accessible, Atomic Invest is poised to continue disrupting the traditional financial industry and empowering a new generation of investors.

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