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Investment Opportunities in Baltimore and Beyond

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Kim Hopkins, Vicksburg Main Street Executive Director, leads $160 million public investment in Mississippi's Main Street districts, and Baltimore youth initiatives benefit from new investments.

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As the need for economic growth, employment, and investments in cities continues to increase, the HopkinsLocal economic inclusion initiative has developed resources to meet the demands of today. Vicksburg Main Street Executive Director, Kim Hopkins, has been leading the charge on $160 million in public investments in Mississippi’s Main Street districts.

Hopkins has been working to ensure that the public investments are distributed in a way that benefits the local economy and local businesses, while also increasing employment opportunities and economic growth in the area. Additionally, Hopkins has been leading efforts to make sure that the investments are properly utilized and that there are accountability measures in place to ensure that the investments are making a positive impact.

In Baltimore, Hopkins has been advocating for youth initiatives that have been receiving investments. This investment has allowed for the implementation of programs and initiatives that strive to keep youth in Baltimore safe and also create opportunities for them. Hopkins has worked with Henderson-Hopkins principal Peter Kannam to make sure that the investments are going to the right places.

Kannam has stated that “this funding shows that we care and that this is a part of Baltimore that deserves investment”, emphasizing the importance of the investments in Baltimore for the city’s youth.

In an effort to further the economic growth and development in Baltimore, Hopkins has been advocating for an increase in private investments in the city. These investments could come from venture capitalists, angel investors, and other sources of capital. Hopkins has argued that the investments could be used in such a way that they can truly benefit the Hopkins campus.

Additionally, Hopkins has been looking at new investment opportunities that extend beyond Baltimore. For example, there has been a shift in geopolitics as Africa has developed a new alliance with the Middle East in energy infrastructure investments. Hopkins is also looking at investments in other industries such as technology and healthcare.

Finally, Hopkins is making sure that the investments she is advocating for are done in a responsible manner. She has been working with the Krecic Fitchko Wealth Management Team at Wells Fargo, who was recently named a Forbes Best in State. This team has been helping to ensure that investments are being made responsibly and that the returns on investment are maximized.

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