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Desmos: Enabling Everyone to Love and Grow with Math

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Desmos is a public benefit company dedicated to helping everyone learn, love, and grow with math. It provides incredible tools, like Desmos Classroom and Desmos Calculators, to make it easier to understand and engage with math.

A logo of a company surrounded by a frame of mathematical equations and shapes.

Desmos Studio is a public benefit corporation that was founded with the goal of helping everyone learn math, love math, and grow with math. They provide a suite of tools that allow people to explore math and make it easier to engage with math in a variety of ways. Desmos Classroom is a curriculum and lesson building platform that was recently acquired by Amplify. This platform provides a hands-on approach to learning about data analysis and visualization. The Desmos Calculators are world-renowned and will remain independent as part of a separate Public benefit Corporation called Desmos Studio.

Desmos is also dedicated to promoting the use of math in art. The Desmos Art Competition and In-Person Math Contest are two initiatives that are regularly held in order to highlight the beauty of math and encourage creativity. The winners of the competition have been awarded for their incredible works. Some of the works include metal sponges by Rien, reinvented Indian saris by Victoria Grace, and highlighting the threat posed by toxic plastics by Desmo Design.

Desmos Grand-master Eraldo recently shared his experience of Jon Rea taking strong objection of the Ducati Panigale V4R and how Eraldo overcame the challenge of calculating trajectories that were critical for early spaceflight successes.

Desmos is an incredible company that is devoted to helping everyone learn and engage with math. With its suite of tools, it is easier than ever for people to explore math and discover the beauty of it. It is also a great way for people to learn about data analysis and visualization.

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