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Value Investing Strategies from Lyrical Asset Management

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Lyric Capital Group's CIO Andrew Wellington discusses value investing and global music investments on 'Halftime Report'.

A man in a suit stands in front of a microphone as he speaks to an audience. He is discussing his company's investments in the music industry.

The Halftime Report is a popular financial news show that airs on the Fox Business Network. Recently, the show featured Andrew Wellington, the co-founder and CIO of Lyrical Asset Management, to discuss focusing on value investing, the music copyrights investments, and the global music industry.

Lyrical Asset Management is a New York-based private equity firm specializing in music copyrights investments. The firm is owned by Lyric Capital Group and has a global reach in the music industry, from artists to labels, publishers, and more.

On the show, Andrew Wellington discussed the benefits of value investing, but also the risks. He argued that passive value strategies may not always be the best choice for investors because they can actually hurt their portfolios in the long run. He believes that more active value investing strategies, such as those implemented by Lyrical Asset Management, can be more beneficial.

Global investing is becoming more and more complex, due to the rise of political rhetoric and the ever-changing economic landscape. This is especially true in the music industry, where there is a lot of uncertainty and volatility. Wellington pointed out that the past decade has been filled with references to lyrics from Swift, a sign that music is becoming a part of investor portfolios.

In addition to discussing value investing, Wellington also discussed the importance of investing in women. He quoted the lyrics from Starship’s “We Built This Dream” to emphasize the point that women’s investments can contribute to their economic empowerment.

To back up his point, Wellington pointed to Lyrical Asset Management’s own investments. The firm holds 4,784K shares, representing 2.93% ownership of the company. It’s previous filing states that the firm owns a majority of the company’s shares.

Wellington also discussed the rise of cryptocurrency and its impact on the music industry. He pointed to the way crypto marketing has become part of pop culture, citing lyrics from various songs. He also made an interesting point about the song “Jailbait”, noting that some of the investments made a few years before the song’s release imply that the artist may have had more investment in the lyrics than previously thought.

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