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Natixis Investment Managers Solutions: Pioneering the Way for Retirement

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Portfolio Managers, Strategists, and Executives from Natixis Investment Managers Solutions are driving the way for retirement.

A group of executives from Natixis Investment Managers Solutions standing together and looking out into the horizon.

As the population ages, retirement planning has become increasingly important. Natixis Investment Managers Solutions, AEW Capital Management, AlphaSimplex, and Ostrum Asset Management are four of the leading firms working on new solutions for retirement planning. Natixis Investment Managers Solutions is leading the way with their portfolio management solutions and research.

A recent report from Natixis Investment Managers found that many investors are not taking advantage of the recommended 4% of their Investment (adjusted for inflation) each year in retirement. In a survey conducted and published by Natixis Investment Managers, only 35% of investors reported they agreed with the statement “I am doing everything I can to save for a secure retirement,” which is nearly as much as overall investors at 40%.

Natixis Investment Managers Solutions is taking the lead in providing solutions that can help investors plan for retirement. The firm recently appointed Christophe de Backer as its new Head of Asia Pacific. He was previously Head of Asia Pacific at Natixis Investment Managers and has more than 20 years of experience in asset management.

Natixis Investment Managers Solutions has also developed a new fund for retirement planning. The fund is managed by Ostrum Asset Management, a subsidiary of Natixis Investment Manager, the Investment-management arm of Natixis. The fund is designed to help investors reach their retirement goals, by providing a diversified portfolio with access to global equity markets.

The firm also provides research that can help investors make informed decisions about retirement planning. Jack Janasiewicz, lead portfolio strategist at Natixis Investment Managers Solutions, recently wrote a research paper exploring the potential of earnings optimists. In the paper, he highlights the potential benefits of investing in companies with strong earnings prospects.

Natixis Investment Managers Solutions is also leading the way in international distribution. The global asset manager has recently confirmed its new head of international distribution, in addition to its new chief administration officer for asset management. The new team is working to ensure that Natixis Investment Managers Solutions can reach its global clients.

With the recent market downturn, Natixis Investment Managers Solutions portfolio manager, Jeff Kilburg, believes that investors should focus on the long-term and not be too concerned with short-term market fluctuations. Kilburg suggests that investors should look at their portfolios as a whole, and adjust their asset allocations to fit their retirement goals.

The Natixis Investment Managers Solutions team is committed to helping investors reach their retirement goals. With their portfolio management solutions, research, and international distribution, the firm is pioneering the way for retirement.

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