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Check First, Invest Later: The FCAA's Campaign to Educate Investors

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Campaign educating investors on checking seller registration status

A poster for the Check First, Invest Later campaign featuring the FCAA logo, the slogan "Check First, Invest Later", and the FCAA website and social media links.

For investors looking to make informed decisions, the Financial and Consumer Affairs Authority of Saskatchewan (FCAA) has launched a new campaign to educate residents about the importance of checking the sellers' registration status before investing. The campaign, “Check First, Invest Later”, is designed to help protect investors from making risky Invest and to provide the necessary information and resources needed to make informed decisions.

The FCAA is the primary regulator of securities, insurance and consumer affairs in Saskatchewan and is responsible for promoting fairness and transparency in the province’s financial and consumer marketplaces. The authority’s mission is to protect consumers and foster public confidence in the marketplace.

The campaign is the result of a partnership between the FCAA and the Saskatchewan Securities Commission (SSC). The campaign is designed to provide information and resources to help Saskatchewan residents make informed decisions about Invest, and to raise awareness about the importance of knowing the registration status of a seller before investing.

The campaign provides information on the FCAA’s website and social media channels, including Facebook and Twitter. The website features videos and resources that explain the importance of checking the seller’s registration status before investing, as well as links to the SSC’s website where investors can check the registration status of a seller.

In addition to providing resources, the campaign also offers information on how to report any suspicious activity and how to contact the FCAA if a consumer believes they have been a victim of a scam. The campaign also includes a consumer protection hotline that consumers can call to get more information on investing and to report any suspicious activities.

The Check First, Invest Later campaign is part of the FCAA’s ongoing effort to provide consumers with the necessary information and resources to make informed decisions when investing. By providing the necessary information and resources, the campaign aims to help protect consumers from making risky Invest and to help them make informed decisions.

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