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Understanding Interest Rates and Investment Trusts

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Learn about investment trusts, covered modifications, substantial interests, and more to better understand interest rates.

A chart showing the historical interest rates as determined by Bank of England policy makers.
  1. Interest rates are an important part of any investment strategy. When deciding which investment to make, it is important to understand the rules and definitions related to Interest rates and how they affect your investment. This article will explain the rules for investment trusts, definitions related to covered modifications, a description of modifications that are subject to the 3.8% tax, the code's definition of a "substantial interest," topics related to definitions and measurements of business value, Bank of England policy makers' views on the pace of interest rate hikes, and how to get a better return on your savings.

  2. investment trusts are a type of pooled fund that is structured as a company and listed on a stock exchange. The company holds a portfolio of investment, such as stock and bonds, to achieve the trust's investment objectives. investment trusts are regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority and must comply with the rules of the trust.

  3. Covered modifications are modifications that are subject to the 3.8% tax on certain net investment income. This tax is imposed on investment held in certain trust or annuity arrangements. Net investment income includes, among other things, taxable interest, dividends, gains, passive rents, annuities, and royalties.

  • The code's definition of a "substantial interest" includes conflicts of interest by being top officials in the Murphy administration and/or holding significant positions with entities that receive state contracts. Examples of such interests could include being a partner in a law firm that receives state contracts, a board member of a company that receives state contracts, or having a financial interest in a business that receives state contracts.

  • When valuing a business interest, topics to be addressed include definitions and measurements of business value, the procedures used to determine the value, and the business interest to be valued (e.g., 25%). Generally, the value of a business interest is determined by the market value of the assets and liabilities of the business, plus any goodwill or other intangible assets.

  • Bank of England policy makers have different views on the pace of interest rate hikes. Some think the rate should be increased at a slow, steady pace, while others think it should be increased more quickly. This debate is ongoing and could affect the way investors view different investment.

  • RYSE is an investment trust that seeks to provide a hedge against, and generate capital appreciation from, rising 10-year Interest rates. The fund invests in securities such as U.S. Treasuries and mortgage-backed securities that are sensitive to changes in Interest rates.

  • When investing in debt securities, investors should understand the ratings and rating categories, including definitions relating to default. This includes understanding Fitch's code of conduct, confidentiality, conflicts of interest, material non-public information policy, and more.

  • Putting your savings in a high-yield savings account will keep your money safe while accumulating interest faster than a traditional savings account. High-yield savings accounts are FDIC-insured, meaning your money is safe even in the event of a bank failure.

  • Even if we do somehow avoid the technical definition of recession — two consecutive quarters of economic contraction — that will be little comfort to those whose businesses and livelihoods have been hit hard by the pandemic. The economic damage of the pandemic has made Interest rates a more important factor in economic policy decisions.

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