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Fidelity Investments Announces Major Expansion Plans

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Fidelity Investments to expand workforce by 4,000 new roles.

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,"Fidelity Investments' new AI-driven Wealth Planning service is designed to provide a comprehensive view of a customer's financial goals and..."

Fidelity Investments, one of the largest asset management firms in the world, has announced a major expansion plan that will add 4,000 new roles to its workforce by the middle of 2023. The plan includes the hiring of 734 new technologists in the first half of the year, as well as additional staff for its regional office in Greenwood Village, Colorado. The expansion is part of the company's focus on providing innovative investment solutions and new technology to better serve its customers.

The expansion plans come as rival asset managers are cutting back on their staffs, and as Fidelity is looking to be at the forefront of the changing investment landscape. The company is investing heavily in artificial intelligence, with a new AI-driven Wealth Planning service designed to provide a comprehensive view of a customer's financial goals and resources. Fidelity is also pouring resources into the Fidelity Charitable Gift Fund, a donor-advised fund program that has been helping individuals, families, and organizations with their philanthropic goals since 1991.

Fidelity is also partnering with other organizations to make investing more accessible for everyone. The company has teamed up with Delta Air Lines to provide retirement planning services to its pilots, and has launched the Invest in My Education program, a $250 million commitment to prepare 50,000 Black, Latino, and other minority students for college. Fidelity is also partnering with banks, brokerages, and other financial institutions to launch automated investing services, such as Ally Invest Robo Portfolios, Wells Fargo Intuitive Investor, JP Morgan Chase Automated Investing, and US Bank Automated Investing.

The expansion plans reflect Fidelity's commitment to providing innovative solutions to meet the needs of its customers. The company is making sure it is well-equipped to handle the changes in the investment landscape, and is investing in its employees and resources to ensure it can continue to provide the best service possible.

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