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ARK Investment Management Discloses Ownership of Archer Aviation

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ARK Investment Management discloses 8.92MM shares of Archer Aviation.

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ARK Investment Management has recently filed a 13G/A form with the SEC disclosing ownership of 8.92MM shares of Archer Aviation. Headed by co-founder and co-managing partner, Emily Casey Rassam, senior financial planner at Archer Investment Management, the decision has a significant impact on asset balances over time. According to Zacks Investment Research, it does not engage in any securities related activities.

The company's management expects 2023 to be another strong year for value investing, making it essential to check the company's ROIC. Hennion & Walsh Asset Management INC increased the amount of Archer-Daniels-Midland stock owned by 6.1% during the third quarter.

As investment in the industry wanes, this will be a crucial year for Archer Aviation and other companies like German startup Volocopter. Archer Investment Corp lifted its stake in AMN Healthcare Services and Financial Gravity Asset Management Inc. now owns 2,310 shares of the company.

ARCHER-DANIELS-MIDLAND CO (ADM) is a large-cap value stock in the Food industry. It is a reliable investment research service, Validea, that helps investors to gain access to the stock’s financials. The stock is trading at a low price-earnings ratio of 8.06 and a low price-sales ratio of 0.91.

This is an important decision by ARK Investment Management to disclose the ownership of the 8.92MM shares of Archer Aviation. It is a significant sign that the company is confident about its investment and has the potential to yield higher returns in the coming years. With the right investment decisions, this could be beneficial for investors in the long run.


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