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Unlocking the Potential of Finviz: A Comprehensive Guide

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Comprehensive guide to using Finviz for stock screening and research.

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Finviz is an advanced stock screener and research platform for futures, forex, and crypto. Finviz offers some very unique features, starting with the ability to filter through equities and other financial instruments to quickly find the best investments. Finviz is an excellent tool for both experienced and novice investors, as it provides a wealth of information on stock, ETFs, futures, and other financial instruments. Start by accessing Finviz ( and then select “Screener.” Finviz calls its selection criteria “filters.” Select “All” on the drop-down menu and start adding filters. After selecting the desired filters, click “Update” to apply the filter. Finviz will then display a list of stock that meet the criteria.

Next, you can further narrow down the stock by adding further filters. For example, you can filter by sector, market capitalization, price-earnings ratio, and much more. Finviz also has a “Heat Map” feature which allows you to quickly identify stock that are performing better than others. The “Heat Map” feature is an excellent way to narrow down the search and quickly identify the best stock.

Once you have narrowed down the list of stock, you can access more detailed information on each stock. Finviz provides a wealth of information on each stock, including news, financials, charts, and analyst ratings. All of this information can be used to make an informed decision about investing in a particular stock.

Finviz also offers a variety of tools to help you analyze the stock you are considering. Investopedia; Finviz; Thinkorswim by TD Ameritrade; eToro. MarketWatch. Dubbed the 'virtual stock exchange,' this paper stock trading simulator allows you to practice investing with virtual funds. Five Best Performing Small-Cap stock In Jan 2023. We have taken the January return data of small-cap stock from to rank the five best performing small-cap stock in the month of January. The stock are selected based on their performance as measured by their price returns.

Finviz also offers a variety of tools to help you analyze the stock you are considering. FinViz is a stock screener that offers individual investors a single platform to screen for stock, view market visualizations, backtest, read news, analyze charts and access fundamental data. The screener includes over 6,000 stock, ETFs and mutual funds, as well as over 30 technical indicators and over 20 fundamental metrics. For this article we used Finviz's stock screener to select stock that are trading at their 52-week low prices as of January 17 or in a 0-3% downtrend from their 52-week high.

In addition to the stock screener, Finviz also provides a “Trends” feature which allows you to view the performance of stock over time. The Trends feature is an excellent way to track the performance of stock over time and identify potential trading opportunities. Finviz also offers a “Portfolio” feature which allows you to track your investments over time and compare them to the market.

Finally, Finviz also offers a “Fundamental Analysis” feature which allows you to analyze stock based on their financials. For this article we used the Finviz stock screener to identify stock in the real estate industry which have sales growth of more than 25% and a price-sales ratio of less than 5. This is an example of how Finviz can be used to quickly identify stock with attractive valuations.

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