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The Benefits of Investing with Acorns

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Investing with Acorns offers a range of benefits.

An illustration of a person using the Acorns app to invest money.

The Benefits of Investing with Acorns Investing with Acorns offers a range of benefits that can help new investors get started, as well as seasoned investors looking for an alternative to traditional wealth management. Round-Ups® investments are transferred from your linked funding source (checking account) to your Acorns Invest account, where the funds are diversified into a range of exchange-traded funds (ETFs) to help you build wealth over time.

When it comes to Investing, it’s important to do your due diligence and make sure you’re aware of the risks involved. Acorns helps investors by providing them with a range of resources and advice to help them make informed Invest decisions.

Do: Set realistic financial goals. • Don’t: Invest on a hunch. Do: Choose an Invest strategy. •

Investing involves risk including the loss of principal. No Invest strategy and no level of diversification or asset allocation can ensure a profit or protect against a loss. Acorns provides investors with a range of resources, including a risk assessment tool, to help them make informed decisions about their investments.

Acorns Earn rewards investments are made by Acorns Grow, Incorporated into your Acorns Invest account through a partnership Acorns Grow has with merchants. When you shop with participating merchants, Acorns will Invest a small portion of your purchase into your Acorns Invest account. This feature is a great way to introduce new investors to Investing, as the amount Invest is small and consistent, and the rewards can be significant over time.

In addition to Acorns Earn, there are several other features that make Acorns a great choice for new and experienced investors. Acorns Later provides an easy way to save for retirement, allowing you to set up an IRA or Roth IRA and set up automatic contributions to your account. Acorns Spend provides a checking account with a debit card and access to automated savings and Investing features. And the Acorns app is a great pick for novice investors who want to Invest a small amount monthly while also learning about how the stock market works.

As an Invest product, Acorns doesn't have a very wide range of assets. In fact, the platform only supports ETFs! Users are provided with a portfolio based on their individual risk and goals, which is designed to help them Invest in a diversified range of ETFs. The platform also provides investors with access to financial advisors and Invest professionals who can provide advice and guidance.

Another advantage of Acorns is the expertise of its founder, Walter W. Field. Field's background is in finance, most recently as COO of Acorns and the Chief Financial Officer of BlackRock Inc. He has also been recognized as one of the most influential influencers in financial services, particularly in Investing.

Acorns also prides itself on its commitment to financial education. The platform offers educational resources and tools, such as the Acorns Investing 101 course, which helps new investors understand the basics of Investing. The platform also offers a range of articles and videos on Investing topics such as stock, bonds, ETFs and more.

Finally, Acorns is committed to helping investors make their money work for them. Why did new investors get started Investing? According to the 2021 Invest in You Next Gen Survey from CNBC and Acorns, the top reasons were: 27% wanted to build wealth, 24% wanted to save for retirement, 17% wanted to save for a specific purpose, and 14% wanted to diversify their investments.

Overall, Acorns provides a comprehensive range of services for new and experienced investors. From its ETF portfolio, automated savings and Investing features, to its commitment to financial education, Acorns is the perfect choice for anyone looking to make their money work for them.

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