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Universa Investments Specializes in Risk Mitigation

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Hedge fund Universa Investments specializes in risk mitigation, tail-risk hedging strategy to limit losses from outsized market events.

universa investments

Universa Investments, the hedge fund advised by “The Black Swan” author Nassim Nicholas Taleb, wrote in a letter to investors this week obtained by Bloomberg. Universa, founded in 2007 and advised by Taleb, is a hedge fund in the purest sense, specializing in risk mitigation. It aims to protect investors from the inevitable large market moves that come from unexpected events.

The Universa Investments boss cautioned higher interest rates could turn inflation into deflation. Spitznagel questioned whether the Fed will be able to keep the economy strong if it increases rates too much. He argued that the current system of borrowing to pay for government spending is unsustainable and could lead to a crash.

On April 17, Nassim Nicholas Taleb, the famous Black Swan author and provocateur, took to Twitter to call out the then-chief investment officer of Universa Investments. He argued that the firm should have hedged against the crash that was coming. Taleb warned that the market was in danger of a “Black Swan” event, which would have catastrophic consequences.

Ruffer’s investment team is monitoring global markets with a very careful eye. They have invested in gold, which is traditionally seen as a safe haven asset, as well as Miami-based tail-risk specialist Universa Investments LP, which specializes in protecting investors from large market moves.

Universa Investments’ Ron Lagnado argues that large asset owners would have to allocate a significant portion of their portfolios to CTAs for the strategy to work. He believes that the current system of investing in stocks and bonds is no longer enough to protect investors from a large market move, and that hedging strategies must be employed.

由《黑天鹅》一书作者塔勒布担任顾问的对冲基金Universa Investments告诉客户,全球经济中不断膨胀的债务势必将对市场造成严重破坏,影响力堪比大萧条。Universa Investments 专注于风险管理,部署尾部风险对冲战略,以限制超规模市场事件带来的损失。

Universa Investments 拥有一支由多位经验丰富的投资专家组成的投资团队,他们可以识别出哪些投资机会具备最大的潜力,以及如何最有效地运用尾部风险对冲策略来保护客户的资产。Universa Investments 不仅可以帮助客户在市场行情不佳的时候保护客户的投资,同时也可以在市场行情走高的时候帮助客户及时获得收益。

Universa Investments 的创始人兼首席投资官兰多·斯皮茨纳格尔(Ron Lagnado)认为,大型资产所有者必须在其投资组合中分配一定的资金给CTA,以实现这一策略。他认为,目前投资股票和债券的系统已经不足以保护投资者免受大规模市场波动的影响,必须采用对冲策略。

Nassim Nicholas Taleb,Universa Investments的著名黑天鹅作者和挑衅者,是一位多才多艺的投资家,他的投资策略被称为“安全港”(Safe Haven),旨在为投资者提供在世界金融风暴中的安全保障。Taleb 也警告投资者,应该采取行动,保护自己免受市场巨大波动的影响,而不要盲目追涨。


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