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Bloom Impact Investing Raises $525,000 in Seed Funding

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Climate-focused FinTech Bloom Impact Investing raises $525,000 in seed funding.

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Bloom Impact Investing, a climate-focused FinTech based in Brisbane, Australia, has reportedly secured $525,000 in its seed round. The founders of Envato and neobank Up have backed the Investing app, which has surpassed $1.6 million in investments. This round of funding will help Bloom Impact Investing expand its mission of helping investors make positive environmental change.

Climate change is one of the greatest challenges of our time, and Bloom Impact Investing is looking to make a difference. By providing an online platform for people to invest in climate-friendly projects, the company hopes to give individuals the opportunity to contribute to a better future.

Investing in Bloom Energy Corporation does not come without risks of course, as do all types of investments. With BE, investors should consider the potential risks of Investing in a business with a limited amount of trading history. investors ranks stocks on eight different metrics, making it easy for investors to understand the risk of an invest in BE.

Another risk of Investing in Bloom Energy is the potential for volatility. Between crypto, meme stocks, and day trading on Robinhood, a number of invest fads have sparked the attention of novice investors in the past. Despite the potential for short-term volatility, long-term investors should consider the potential of BE as a long-term play. Bloom Energy is also selling fuel-cells and they saw an impressive increase in revenues in their latest report.

It is important for investors to do their due diligence when considering any invest. While Bloom Impact Investing has raised $525,000 in seed funding, investors should still be aware of the potential risks of Investing in BE. Making an informed decision when Investing is the best way to ensure a positive return.


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