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Investment Advice for Nonprofits: Building a Risk-Based Culture

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Tips for nonprofits to focus on risk-based investment strategies.

Description: A graph showing the return on investment for a nonprofit's investment in a risk-based strategy.

The nonprofit sector has long been an integral part of the global economy, providing critical services to those in need. As such, it is important for those in the sector to understand the importance of investing in a strategic, risk-based approach that will ensure long-term financial stability. This article will outline some of the key elements of investment advice for nonprofits, including building an enterprise-like risk management culture, assessing the impact of philanthropic giving, and understanding the implications of the Butler-Sloss case. Additionally, we will discuss the importance of engaging with an independent financial services firm, recognizing the trends of Baby Boomers and the importance of grants, and understanding the implications of Amazon's decision to invest in other areas. Finally, we will discuss the importance of return on investment and the need for a nonprofit public-private partnership to help fund research.

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