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Breaking News: Summit Investment Management Expands Partnership with LPL Financial

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First Summit Capital Management advisors join LPL Financial's platforms.

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Summit Investment Management has made significant strides in expanding its partnership with LPL Financial, a leading broker-dealer, RIA, and custodial platform. This move comes as part of the firm's commitment to enhancing its services and offerings to clients in the financial industry.

The latest development follows the announcement that advisors from First Summit Capital Management have joined LPL Financial's platforms. This strategic decision is expected to bring a wealth of experience and expertise to Summit Investment Management, further solidifying its position in the market.

Additionally, Summit Investment Management is set to participate in the Solarplaza Summit 2024 in San Diego, focusing on the latest trends in solar asset management. The event will provide an opportunity for networking with experts in North America, allowing the firm to stay at the forefront of industry developments.

At the helm of First Summit Capital Management are Managing Partners Thomas J. Cooney and Mark Freed, with the latter being a former Major League Baseball pitcher. Their leadership and experience have been instrumental in driving the firm's success and growth in the competitive financial landscape.

Summit Partners, a key player in the industry, has welcomed Bob Thornton as the newest addition to its Executive-in-Residence program. Thornton's expertise and insights are expected to bring valuable contributions to Summit Investment Management, further enhancing its capabilities.

Recognized for its unique ability to convene leading voices in the financial sector, Summit Investment Management continues to be a driving force at the intersection of Wall Street, entrepreneurial capital, and innovation. This reputation has solidified the firm's standing as a trusted partner for clients seeking expert financial guidance.

New Summit, a subsidiary of Summit Investment Management, is raising a new $100 million fund to support climate tech initiatives and underrepresented fund managers. This strategic investment underscores the firm's commitment to fostering innovation and diversity in the financial industry.

The RIA arm of Summit Investment Management is strengthening its partnership model to support a breakaway team led by a 25-year veteran in launching their high-net-worth firm. This collaborative approach highlights the firm's dedication to empowering advisors and fostering growth opportunities.

In response to allegations in a $1M TeraWulf investment lawsuit, Summit Investment Group has denied any wrongdoing. The firm remains focused on upholding its commitment to transparency and integrity in all its dealings, reaffirming its dedication to serving clients' best interests.

Boston-based private equity firm Summit Partners is backing former First Republic Private Wealth Management head Bob Thornton's wealth management initiatives. This strategic partnership is poised to drive innovation and growth in the wealth management sector, further solidifying Summit Investment Management's position as a market leader.

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