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Stock Market Update: Netflix Earnings Report and Market Rebound

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A look at the latest stock market news and trends.

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Investors are counting down to earnings from Netflix, the first of the 'Magnificent' group of companies to report. This highly anticipated report is expected to set the tone for the rest of the earnings season. The tech giant's performance will be closely watched by analysts and investors alike.

Oil futures finished Thursday on a mixed note, with global benchmark prices down a fourth straight session and U.S. benchmark prices posting. This volatility in the oil market has been impacting overall market sentiment and adding to the uncertainty in the stock market.

Enthusiasm for IPOs is growing, and the latest beneficiary is Ibotta, a Denver-based digital-rewards company. Ibotta, whose name is a nod to its cash-back business model, saw a successful debut on the stock market. This successful IPO is a positive sign for the market and could signal more companies going public in the near future.

The S&P 500 hit its worst losing streak since last October as investors recalibrate amid forecasts for interest rates to remain high. This trend has been causing some concern among investors, who are closely monitoring the Federal Reserve's next moves.

A deep pool of retail and institutional investors has helped Stockholm defy the continent's capital markets gloom. This resilience in the Swedish stock market is a positive sign for global investors and could indicate a shift in market dynamics.

The stock market today saw its midday rebound retreat on Israel-Iran conflict fear. Nvidia tested a key technical level on its daily chart, adding to the overall uncertainty in the market. This geopolitical tension is impacting market sentiment and causing fluctuations in stock prices.

U.S. stocks are wavering in mixed trading after a rough run. The S&P 500 was mostly unchanged Thursday and is coming off of four straight days of losses. This market indecision is reflective of the current uncertainty surrounding economic conditions and global events.

Last Updated: 11:15 AM EST Stock indices are in the green so far in today's trading session. On Thursday, the National Association of Realtors reported a rise in existing home sales, providing a boost to the market. This positive economic data is helping to drive market optimism.

Wall Street looks set to snap its longest losing streak of the year, with key earnings tests ahead. Investors are eagerly awaiting earnings reports from major companies, which will provide insight into the health of the economy and corporate sector. This upcoming earnings season will be crucial in determining market direction.

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