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Ogma Investments, LLC: The Proud Owner of Kentucky Derby Winner Mage

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Ogma Investments, LLC celebrates the victory of their horse Mage in the 2023 Kentucky Derby.

an image of a horse race track with a blurred background of cheering crowds at churchill downs. the foreground shows a close-up shot of the winning horse mage, his jockey, and the owner's triumphant faces.

The 149th edition of the Kentucky Derby was a highly anticipated event, but it was also marred by pre-race scratches and injuries at Churchill Downs. Nonetheless, the Run for the Roses went on, and the winning horse was none other than Mage, owned by Ogma Investments, LLC.

With a strong rally near the center of the track, Mage edged past a resolute Two Phil's to win the $3 million Kentucky Derby (G1) on May 6, 2023. This victory was a testament to the expertise and hard work of the horse's trainers, jockey, and of course, the owners at Ogma Investments, LLC.

Mage's win in the 2023 Kentucky Derby was not a fluke. He had a successful sire who won multiple graded stakes races, making him a prime contender for this prestigious race. Mage's pedigree is certainly impressive, and it played a significant role in his impressive performance at Churchill Downs.

Ogma Investments, LLC was not the only horse owner vying for the coveted Kentucky Derby trophy. The full list of horse owners for the 2023 Kentucky Derby included a mix of experienced and first-time owners, including some famous celebrity owners.

The victory of Mage in the 2023 Kentucky Derby produced big payouts for bettors. Those who placed their bets on the winning horse earned a significant amount of money, making the race even more exciting for them.

The field for the 149th Kentucky Derby was also a highlight of the race. The list of horses, their jockeys, and their trainers made for a thrilling competition. The race was full of surprises, and the final results were beyond thrilling.

Ogma Investments, LLC was the first owner listed in the race's results, followed by Restrepo, Ramiro, and Sterling Racing. Unfortunately, some horses were unable to participate due to non-runners, including Lord Miles, Skinner, Practical Move, Forte, and Continuar.

The 149th Kentucky Derby Race, the Kentucky Derby Day Program, and Kentucky Derby Week Races all set new handle records. This goes to show the growing popularity of horse racing and how much it means to the American public.

Mage's victory in the 2023 Kentucky Derby is a significant accomplishment for Ogma Investments, LLC. The company's commitment to excellence in horse racing has paid off, and it is sure to inspire other horse owners and enthusiasts to strive for greatness.

In conclusion, Ogma Investments, LLC has every reason to celebrate their Kentucky Derby victory. The company's ownership of Mage, an impressive horse with a successful pedigree, played a significant role in their success. The 149th Kentucky Derby race was full of excitement, surprises, and big payouts for bettors. This event was a testament to the growing popularity of horse racing in America. Overall, the victory of Mage in the 2023 Kentucky Derby is a momentous occasion for Ogma Investments, LLC, and it is sure to inspire others to join the world of horse racing.

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