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The Controversial Issue of Mage Ownership in Horse Racing

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The ownership of Mage, the winner of the 149th Kentucky Derby, sparks debate.

description: a photo of a chestnut-colored horse with a jockey on its back racing on a track. the horse has a white blaze on its forehead. the background is blurred, indicating the speed of the horse.

A lot of people are always invested in the Kentucky Derby for gambling reasons. But this year, nearly 400 people were cheering on Mage to win the race. However, the win sparked a debate on the ownership of the horse. When Ramiro Restrepo and Gustavo Delgado Sr. went to the Fasing-Tipton Midlantic Two-Year-Olds in Training Sale, they had a budget in mind. They found a chestnut colt they liked and decided to name him Mage. The horse was then sold to a partnership group, which includes some of Restrepo's and Delgado's friends and family members.

The ownership of Mage has been a controversial issue in horse racing. Some argue that it is unfair that wealthy individuals and groups have more opportunities to purchase and own racehorses, while others believe that anyone should be able to own a racehorse regardless of their financial status. In the case of Mage, some have criticized the partnership group for not being transparent about the ownership structure and for not disclosing the identities of all the members.

The controversy surrounding Mage's ownership has also raised questions about the ethics of horse racing. The sport has long been associated with animal cruelty, particularly in the use of drugs to enhance performance and the practice of whipping horses during races. Some have called for greater regulation of the industry to ensure the welfare of the animals.

Despite the controversy, Mage's victory has been celebrated by many. No doubt they were celebrating from Miami all the way to Venezuela on Saturday night after Mage won the 149th running of the Kentucky Derby. Mage won by a length over Two Phil's. Angel of Empire, a 4-1 favorite, finished third. The victory was particularly sweet for Restrepo and Delgado, who have been involved in horse racing for many years.

Mage's victory has also put a new sports investment app called Commonwealth in the spotlight. The app, which allows users to invest in sports teams and athletes, found its way into the 2023 Kentucky Derby. Some have speculated that the app could revolutionize the way people invest in sports.

For those interested in placing a wager on the Kentucky Derby, there is a lot of information available about Mage's odds, jockey, trainer, owner, pedigree, Equibase Speed Figure, stats, and more. Chestnut colt Mage beat 15-1 odds, needing 2:01.57 to take home the crown at the Kentucky Derby.

However, not all Kentucky Derby-goers were in a celebratory mood. A string of horse deaths cast a pall for some on a mostly cloudy and warm day. The deaths have once again brought attention to the dangers of horse racing and the need for greater safety measures.

In conclusion, the ownership of Mage has sparked a debate in the horse racing industry. While some celebrate the victory of Restrepo's and Delgado's horse, others question the ethics of the sport and the fairness of ownership opportunities. The controversy surrounding Mage's ownership has also brought attention to the need for greater regulation and safety measures in horse racing. Regardless of one's stance on these issues, it is clear that Mage's victory has put the spotlight on horse racing and the industry's challenges.

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