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Annuities: The Pros and Cons of Investing in Retirement

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Retail annuities are booming, but what are the risks and benefits?

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Annuities have become a popular retirement investment option in recent years, with sales reaching record-breaking numbers in the first quarter of 2023. According to LIMRA, annuity sales topped $90 billion in the first quarter, a 47% increase from the same quarter in 2022. While annuities can provide a source of steady income for life, they also come with risks and drawbacks that investors should consider before committing to this type of investment.

One of the main benefits of annuities is protection from downside risk. The best part about fixed index annuities is that they offer a guaranteed minimum interest rate, along with the potential for higher returns based on the performance of a stock market index. This means that investors can earn a decent return on their investment without worrying about losing money due to market fluctuations. The closer you get to retirement, the more protection you want, making annuities an attractive option for those nearing retirement age.

Another advantage of annuities is that they provide a source of income for life. This can be especially appealing for retirees who are concerned about running out of money in their later years. Annuities can be structured to provide a fixed income stream for a set number of years or for the rest of the investor's life, ensuring that they will always have a steady stream of income to cover their expenses.

However, there are also potential drawbacks to investing in annuities. For one, annuities can be complex and difficult to understand, making it challenging for investors to fully evaluate the risks and benefits. Additionally, annuities can come with high fees, which can eat into the returns investors receive over time.

Another potential downside of annuities is that they can be illiquid, meaning that investors may not be able to access their funds easily if they need to make a withdrawal. This can be especially problematic for retirees who may need to access their savings to cover unexpected expenses or medical bills.

Despite these risks, annuities continue to be a popular investment option for retirees and those nearing retirement age. Money managers are increasingly offering options to help workers reach retirement with a source of steady income for life, recognizing the appeal of annuities as a way to ensure financial security in old age.

For those considering investing in annuities, it's important to carefully evaluate the risks and benefits of this type of investment. Working with a financial advisor can be helpful in assessing whether annuities are the right choice for your retirement portfolio.



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