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Remembering Nutmeg: The Beloved Feral Cat of Disneyland

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Nutmeg was a feral cat that lived at Disneyland and inspired a secret cocktail at Magic Key Terrace. The cinnamon-colored feline was known as the “Magic Key Terrace Cat” due to his habit of hanging out in the area. He has passed away, but his legacy lives on through artwork and a $16 cocktail dedicated to him.

a cinnamon-colored feral cat lounging in the gardens of disneyland, with the park's iconic sleeping beauty castle in the background.

Nutmeg was a feral cat that lived at Disneyland in Anaheim, California. He was well-known among park employees and visitors for his unique cinnamon-colored fur and friendly demeanor.

Nutmeg was one of the many feral cats that call Disneyland home. These cats are not official park residents, but they have been a part of the park's ecosystem since its opening in 1955. They are fed and cared for by park staff, and they help to control the park's rodent population.

Nutmeg was a frequent visitor to the Magic Key Terrace, a restaurant located in the park. The restaurant was known for its secret menu, which included a $16 cocktail named after the beloved feline.

The cat was so beloved by staff at the Magic Key Terrace that they created a $16 cocktail on the “secret menu” in Nutmeg's honor. The cocktail was made with gin, lemon juice, honey, and nutmeg, and served in a glass rimmed with cinnamon sugar.

Nutmeg's fame grew beyond the park, with many fans creating artwork featuring the feline. Some of the artwork features Nutmeg dressed up in various Disney costumes, while others depict the cat lounging in the park's gardens.

Unfortunately, Nutmeg passed away in 2021. His death was mourned by the park staff and visitors alike, with many taking to social media to express their condolences.

Nutmeg's passing was covered by local news outlets, who reported on the beloved feline's life and legacy. Many of the articles included photos of Nutmeg and quotes from park staff who had known him.

Despite Nutmeg's passing, his legacy lives on through the artwork and cocktail dedicated to him. The cocktail is still available on the Magic Key Terrace's secret menu, and fans of the feline continue to create artwork featuring him.

Nutmeg was not the only feral cat to call Disneyland home. The park has a program in place to care for these cats, which includes spaying and neutering, vaccinations, and medical care as needed.

Feral cats are an important part of the park's ecosystem, helping to control the rodent population and keep the park clean. They are cared for by park staff and volunteers, who work to ensure their safety and well-being.

Nutmeg's passing was a reminder of the important role that feral cats play in the park's ecosystem. It also highlighted the unique relationships that can develop between humans and animals, even in unexpected places like a theme park.

For those looking to bring the cozy, comforting flavor of nutmeg into their homes, there are several substitutes available. These include cinnamon, allspice, mace, and ginger, among others.

Nutmeg's passing was a sad moment for many Disneyland fans and animal lovers. However, his legacy will live on through the cocktail and artwork dedicated to him, as well as the continued care and protection of the park's feral cats.

Nutmeg may have been a feral cat, but he was also a beloved member of the Disneyland community. His passing was a reminder of the importance of caring for all animals, whether they are official park residents or not.

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