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Investing in Stocks: Finding the Right Strategy and Top Picks for 2021

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Discover the best stocks to buy now and develop a time-tested strategy for investing in the stock market.

what are some good stocks to invest in

Research Buying a stock is easy, but buying the right stock without a time-tested strategy is incredibly hard. With the pandemic shaking up the global economy and causing significant volatility in the stock market, investors have been left wondering where to put their money. In this article, we'll explore some strategies for investing in stocks and highlight some of the top picks for 2021.

Southwestern Energy, New York Community Bancorp, and First Solar are top stocks in Russell 1000 for value, growth, and momentum, respectively. These three companies have demonstrated strong performance in their respective areas and are worth considering for investors looking to diversify their portfolio.

There are literally thousands of publicly traded companies you can invest in, not to mention the many exchange-traded funds (ETFs) and mutual funds. However, it's important to do your research and identify companies with strong financials and a clear growth trajectory. Some popular stocks for 2021 include Amazon, Apple, and Google, all of which have demonstrated consistent growth and resilience in the face of economic uncertainty.

High-dividend stocks can be a good choice for investors who want to earn passive income. These stocks pay out a portion of their profits to shareholders on a regular basis, making them a reliable source of income. Some top high-dividend stocks include Verizon, AT&T, and Procter & Gamble.

Undervalued stocks of high-quality companies are also compelling investments today. These stocks have strong fundamentals but are trading at a discount, making them a potentially profitable opportunity for investors. Some undervalued stocks to consider include Boeing, Coca-Cola, and Pfizer.

Buying the dip is a great way to get stocks on sale. When a stock experiences a temporary drop in price, it can create an opportunity for investors to buy in at a lower cost. Some cheap stocks to consider include Ford, General Electric, and Macy's.

Many top stocks deliver solid returns year after year. For example, in the S&P 500, the best-performing stocks year to date include Tesla, Etsy, and Moderna. These companies have demonstrated consistent growth and innovation, making them strong picks for long-term investors.

If you're looking for more specific recommendations, we've compiled a list of the 16 best strong buy stocks to invest in. These companies have strong financials, a solid growth trajectory, and a competitive edge in their respective industries. Some of the top picks include Adobe, Microsoft, and Visa.

Finally, penny stocks can be a risky but potentially lucrative investment opportunity. These stocks trade for under $5 and can experience significant price fluctuations. Some penny stocks to consider include Sundial Growers, Castor Maritime, and Gevo.

In conclusion, investing in the stock market requires a time-tested strategy and careful research. By identifying top picks for 2021 and developing a diversified portfolio, investors can make informed decisions and maximize their returns.


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