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Blooom: A Robo-Advisor for Teenagers Interested in Investing

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Teenagers looking to invest can turn to Blooom, a rare robo-advisor that manages 401(k)s and workplace retirement plans.

description: a group of teenagers sitting around a table with a laptop and papers, discussing investments.

Between crypto, meme stocks, and day trading on Robinhood, a number of investment fads have sparked the attention of novice investors in recent years. While these trends may seem exciting, they can also be risky and may not lead to long-term financial success. For teenagers looking to get started in investing, it's important to find a reliable and trustworthy platform to manage their money.

If you want to invest as a teenager, you're going to need a parent or custodian to open the account (and in most cases, sign off on all the decisions). This is where Blooom comes in. Blooom is a robo-advisor that specializes in managing 401(k)s and other workplace retirement plans. This is a rare service among robo-advisors, which typically focus on managing individual investment accounts.

Blooom stands out by offering management of 401(k)s and other workplace retirement plans—a rare service among robo-advisors. This can be especially helpful for teenagers who may have access to these types of plans through their parents' or guardians' employers. By using Blooom, they can ensure that their retirement savings are being managed appropriately and are on track to meet their long-term goals.

Gen Z girls are planning to pull back on clothing spending, which could spell trouble for apparel stocks in the months ahead. While spending habits may vary among individuals, it's important for teenagers to understand the impact their choices can have on the stock market. By investing in companies that align with their values and spending habits, they can make a difference in the world and potentially earn a return on their investments.

Being debt-averse is not enough. Gen Z needs to understand the big picture of personal finance and investing if they want to thrive. While it's important to avoid debt, it's also important to understand how to manage money and invest wisely. By learning about personal finance and investing at a young age, teenagers can set themselves up for financial success in the future.

A recent study shows many teens are interested in personal finance but are largely clueless when it comes to investing. This is where Blooom can be especially helpful. By offering a simple and easy-to-use platform, Blooom can help teenagers get started in investing and learn the basics of managing their money.

'No goal is too ambitious' for young Ridgewood entrepreneur Sonny Mo and the other fellows, foundation president Brian Rowen said. This quote highlights the importance of setting ambitious goals and working towards them. By investing in companies that align with their values and goals, teenagers can make a difference in the world and potentially earn a return on their investments.

A few more kids are being taught financial literacy than in the past, but most still aren't—leaving technologies such as money apps to help... While financial literacy education is important, it's not always readily available in schools. This is where technology can be helpful. By using apps and robo-advisors like Blooom, teenagers can learn about personal finance and investing on their own time and at their own pace.

Law enforcement officials in central Florida are asking the public for any information related to the shooting deaths of three teenage... While not directly related to investing, this news story highlights the importance of taking control of one's financial future. By investing in the stock market and managing their money wisely, teenagers can set themselves up for long-term financial success and potentially make a difference in the world.

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