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How to Get Rich with Ramit Sethi: A Netflix Docuseries Review

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Meet Ramit Sethi, the financial expert and author, in his new Netflix show 'How to Get Rich' as he helps people make better money decisions.

a smiling ramit sethi stands in front of a whiteboard covered in financial advice and graphs.

On April 18, 2023, Netflix released a new docuseries titled 'How to Get Rich.' The show features Ramit Sethi, a financial advisor and author of 'I Teach People How to Live Their Rich Life.' In this article, we will review the first season of the series and discuss its relevance in today's financial landscape.

Opening Shot: A sped-up time-lapse shot of people bustling about near the Brooklyn Bridge.

The Gist: Meet Sethi: He's a self-made entrepreneur who has helped thousands of people achieve financial success. In 'How to Get Rich,' he travels across the United States to counsel individuals on their finances and offer practical advice on how to build wealth.

The show's premise is simple: Sethi meets with people who are struggling with their finances and helps them create a plan to achieve their financial goals. Each episode focuses on a different person or couple, and Sethi tailors his advice to their specific situation.

Throughout the series, Sethi emphasizes the importance of being intentional with your money. He encourages viewers to take a proactive approach to their finances and to make decisions that align with their values and long-term goals.

One of the standout features of 'How to Get Rich' is Sethi's relatability. He speaks in a clear, concise manner and does not use jargon or complex financial terms. This makes the show accessible to viewers who may not have a background in finance.

Another strength of the series is its diversity. Sethi works with people from a variety of backgrounds and income levels, which helps to make the show more inclusive. He also addresses systemic issues that can impact financial success, such as student loan debt and the racial wealth gap.

Overall, 'How to Get Rich' is an engaging and informative series that offers practical advice on how to achieve financial success. While some of the advice may be familiar to viewers who are already well-versed in personal finance, Sethi's relatable approach and emphasis on intentionality make the show worth watching.

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