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Cambridge Investments Aims to Increase Diversity and Impact Investments

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Cambridge Investments aims to increase diversity in its investment portfolio and partner with sustainable and impact investing firms.

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Cambridge Investments, a leading investment firm, has announced its goal to increase the percentage of investments with diverse managers from 10% to 15% by 2025. This move comes after the firm hit its initial goal of 10%, demonstrating its commitment to promoting diversity and inclusion in the industry.

Cambridge Investments has also been recognized for its efforts in promoting diversity and inclusion. InvestmentNews awarded Amy Webber, CEO of Cambridge Investments, with the 2022 Alexandra Armstrong Lifetime Achievement award. This award recognizes Webber's contributions to the industry and her commitment to promoting diversity and inclusion within her firm.

Institutional investors have also been increasing their focus on sustainable and impact investing. According to a Cambridge Associates survey, institutional investors have increased their sustainable and impact investing by 81% over the past four years. This trend is expected to continue as investors become more aware of the impact of their investments on society and the environment.

To support its clients' needs, Cambridge Investments has launched a new service that draws together resources and expertise related to investment management, tax planning, wealth protection, and other major financial services. This service will provide clients with a holistic approach to managing their wealth and achieving their financial goals.

Cambridge Investments is also expanding its global reach. The firm is partnering with Singapore's Mapletree for the first time to invest in the country. This partnership will allow Cambridge Investments to tap into Mapletree's expertise in real estate and infrastructure investments, which will benefit its clients' portfolios.

In another move to expand its offerings, Boston-based Fidelity Investments has acquired Shoobx, a 2022 BostInno Fire Awards honoree. Shoobx is a legal software platform that helps startups manage their legal and financial operations. This acquisition will allow Fidelity Investments to offer its clients a more comprehensive suite of services to support their business needs.

To support its growth, Cambridge Investments has made organizational changes to better serve its financial professionals and clients. These changes include the appointment of new leaders in key positions and the consolidation of its wealth management and investment advisory services under one umbrella.

However, not all news has been positive for Cambridge Investments. A financial advisor from rival Cambridge Investment Research has filed a claim for more than $1 million based on his claim that an OSJ at Royal Alliance misrepresented investments to him. This case underscores the importance of due diligence and transparency in the investment industry.

Finally, Cambridge Investments has shown that families do not have to sacrifice returns to incorporate sustainability into their investment portfolios. The firm has identified several investments that offer strong returns while also promoting sustainable practices, such as renewable energy and water conservation.

Overall, Cambridge Investments is committed to promoting diversity, inclusion, and sustainability in the investment industry. Its efforts to increase diversity and impact investments, expand its offerings, and support its clients' needs demonstrate its dedication to achieving these goals.


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