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Exploring the Wild and Wonderful Natural Bridge Caverns

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Uncover the secrets of Natural Bridge Caverns in Texas with a tour, deal, or trail run. Get a glimpse of a prehistoric world!

natural bridge caverns

Exploring the Wild and Wonderful Natural Bridge Caverns Imagine a subterranean world filled with hidden wonders and secrets that have been waiting to be discovered for centuries. Natural Bridge Caverns in Texas is just such a place. Located near San Antonio, the caverns are a family-owned and operated business that offers tours to the public. These tours include the Discovery Tour, Adventure Tour, and Safari Tour.

The Discovery Tour is the most popular, and is a one-hour guided experience that gives visitors a chance to explore the natural wonders of the caverns. The Adventure Tour is a two-hour guided tour that takes visitors deeper into the caverns and includes a 60-foot natural limestone bridge. Finally, the Safari Tour is a three-hour guided experience that includes a caving adventure, zip-lining, and rappelling.

DEAL ALERT – GET 20% DISCOUNT ON ADMISSION AT NATURAL BRIDGE CAVERNS! Customers can embark on a unique discovery tour of the underground caverns featuring the Discovery Tour, Adventure Tour, and Safari Tour.

In addition to the tours, Natural Bridge Caverns also offers a special event called the Natural Bridge Caverns Trail Run. This event takes place in the belly of the cave and features a 5k, 10k, and half marathon. It is a great way to experience the beauty of the caverns in a different way.

Recently, scientists conducted an expedition at Natural Bridge Caverns and recovered 65 wildcat bones. They hope to determine the species and age of the bones in order to gain a better understanding of the prehistoric felines that could have once lived in the caverns.

St. Mary's University in San Antonio was the first to discover the Natural Bridge Caverns. Four students from the university first made the discovery, and the area was named for the 60-foot natural limestone bridge.

In a Facebook post, Natural Bridge Caverns announced the death of Orion Knox Jr., a “legendary caver” who helped discover the natural wonder. Knox also ran the Natural Bridge Caverns Trail Run for many years and was well-known for his enthusiasm and passion for the outdoors.

Natural Bridge Caverns and Safari are two distinct parks located next door to each other near San Antonio. With a variety of tours, events, and activities to choose from, a day spent at Natural Bridge Caverns and Safari can turn into an adventure of a lifetime.

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