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AppFolio Investment Management Achieves Major Milestones

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AppFolio Investment Management achieves two major milestones with launch of AppFolio Alpha™.

Description: A graph showing the performance of AppFolio Investment Management's stock over a period of time.

AppFolio Investment Management has announced the launch of AppFolio Alpha™ and achieved two major milestones. AppFolio Alpha™ is an award-winning software that helps enable asset managers to manage their Investment more effectively. The software allows asset managers to access real-time analytics and insights, allowing them to monitor and manage their Investment in a more efficient manner.

Independent Advisor Alliance recently acquired a new stake in AppFolio in the third quarter valued at $260,000. Polen Capital Management LLC also increased its stake in AppFolio by 8.97% during the same period. Brown Capital Management now holds 3,155,516 shares representing 8.97% ownership of the company.

Echo Street Capital Management LLC recently acquired 1,095,413 shares of the software maker's stock valued at $99,288,000 after buying an additional 142.2% in the AppFolio stock it owned. This brings the total ownership of the company by Echo Street Capital Management LLC to 1,095,413 shares.

Lori Barker, Investor Relations for AppFolio, thanked Horizon's Asset Management LLC of Columbus, Ohio, for their support and Investment in the property and financial technology platform AppFolio Investment Management. AppFolio Investment Management is a one-stop shop for real estate Investment managers, providing them with a comprehensive toolset to manage their Investment.

AppFolio Alpha™ has been designed to help Investment managers maximize returns on their Investment and minimize the risks associated with them. The software provides real-time analytics and insights to help asset managers make more informed decisions about their Investment. It also provides portfolio management capabilities to help users manage their portfolios more efficiently.

Janney Montgomery Scott LLC is a wealth management, capital markets and asset management service provider and is a major Investor in AppFolio. Janney Montgomery Scott LLC is led by Chief Executive Officer, Metta Smith, and she also serves on the boards of AppFolio, R1 RCM, and other major companies.

AppFolio Investment Management is committed to providing the best possible service to its clients and is dedicated to helping them achieve their financial goals. The company is constantly striving to develop innovative products and services to improve the experience of their customers. With the launch of AppFolio Alpha™ and the acquisition of Echo Street Capital Management LLC, AppFolio Investment Management is well on its way to achieving its goals.

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