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How Much Down Payment is Required for an Investment Property?

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Investing in property requires a down payment.

Description: A graphic of a house with a dollar sign in front of it, with the words "Down Payment" written above it.

,"Buying an investment property requires a lot of money, but it's not as ... Your down payment will depend on the kind of loan you get, but 20% is..." | Stocks

Down payments on an investment property typically range from 20-30%. While the US housing market has been slowing down, house flipping can still pay off for some investors. To purchase a property, neither loan requires a down payment and income requirements and property criteria need to be met. When considering a property, a down payment is money paid upfront when a home is bought and is a key part of buying a property. The return on investment for a down payment can be high when the property appreciates. Long-term savings or assets are needed to cover the down payment, mortgage closing costs, and moving expenses. Low rental yields can make property a bad investment, but down payment requirements and mortgage rates have been cut. The down payment for an investment property depends on the loan type, but 20% is typically required.

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