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Arcline Investment Management Advances Naval Defense with Five-Year Contract Award

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Private equity firm Arcline Investment Management advances naval defense with five-year contract award.

arcline investment management

Arcline Investment Management, a growth-oriented private equity firm with $4.4 billion in cumulative capital commitments, has been making waves in the Investment world since its formation in 2018. The firm was founded by Golden Gate Capital, a firm long differentiated from other private equity firms by its ability to provide significant strategic and operational resources to its portfolio companies. Recently, Fairbanks Morse Defense (FMD), a portfolio company of Arcline, has been awarded a five-year contract to design and manufacture diesel engines for the U.S. Navy’s newest class of ships, the Constellation-class frigates.

The Constellation-class frigates are designed as a low-cost option to replace the Navy’s aging fleet of Oliver Hazard Perry-class frigates. The ships will feature the latest in naval technology, including the FMD-designed engines. FMD was chosen for this project because of its experience with naval propulsion systems, as well as its competitive pricing and ability to meet the Navy’s stringent requirements for quality and reliability.

The contract is a major win for both FMD and Arcline, as it is expected to generate significant revenue for both companies over the next five years. In addition to the contract, Arcline has also been actively investing in other sectors, such as technology and life sciences. One of those is Abnova Corporation, a biotechnology company that focuses on developing innovative diagnostic tests and treatments. Arcline has also invested in Eurofins Scientific, a global leader in food, environment, pharmaceutical, and life science testing.

Arcline’s Investment strategy is to identify and invest in high-growth companies that have strong potential for growth and value creation. The firm has a team of experienced professionals who are able to identify and evaluate potential deals, as well as provide strategic advice and resources to its portfolio companies.

The Investment in FMD is just the latest in a series of successful Investment for Arcline. The firm has also invested in Xpress Biologics, Avid Bioservices Inc, Bio-Techne, and Abgenex. Each of these companies has seen significant growth since Arcline’s Investment, which has further strengthened the firm’s position in the market.

Arcline’s successful Investment in a diverse set of sectors, coupled with its recent contract win, demonstrates the firm’s ability to identify and capitalize on high-growth opportunities. As the firm continues to invest in innovative companies and technologies, it is likely to remain a major player in the private equity market for years to come.


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